2015 Event Archive


20 January

A History of Aircraft (with the boring bits left out). Our navigator will be writer and pilot Jasper Fforde

pm Film The Concorde Story about the aircraft few of us ever travelled in but frequently heard flying overhead.

Islam and Muslims in Britain from Cardiff University professor Sophie Gilliat–Ray

Hereford Cathedral’s Christopher Pullen will help us celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta by telling us about the Cathedral’s roll in this important historic event.

We will be celebrating with the help of William Jones, Professor of Welsh History at Cardiff University, another anniversary that of the Welsh people’s migration to Patagonia in Argentina 150 year ago this year.

“Bringing a Landscape to Life” Prof. Stephen Daniels, Professor of Cultural Geography. In the afternoon James Cresswell will be talking about the Glaciation in Antarctica.

Rodney Mace will be talking about family life in another time of austerity, the ten years after the end of WWII.

We will be hearing about extraterrestrial life from astronomer Dr Martin Griffiths

We will be back down on earth hearing about the many challenges faced by farming today with the help of Havard Prosser, Bill Johnson and John Lewis.

Hereford Cathedral organist, Peter Dyke will be guiding us through the demonstrating the history of organ music on the organ of St Mary’s Church.

We will be having the Chairman’s Annual debate on a topical issue followed in the afternoon by a presentation by one of our interest groups.