2012 Event Archive

3rd Tuesdays, 10.30 am U3A Hay lectures 2012
All to be at Summerhill Golf Club
17 January 2012
Beyond Nature Reserves: Real Conservation. Rebecca Brooks of Radnorshire Wildlife Trust talks about changing attitudes and practices on a world scale, down to what is happening locally.
Afternoon session 1:45 pm: Martin Wibberley introduces us to Painscastle’s long, intriguing, bloody & bizarre history.
27 January
Hay U3A Winter Variety: 19:30 at the Golf Club, finishing about 22:30.

21 February
Artists of the Llanthony Valley: William Gibbs discusses J M W Turner, John Piper and Eric Gill, amongst others, and how the arts have changed rural life.
20 March
Remembering Sir William Reardon-Smith: Dr David Jenkins talks about the master mariner, ship-owner and philanthropist.
Afternoon session 1:30 pm: Meet members of the Current Affairs Group and hear how they put the world to rights in the Blue Boar.
Through the Glass Ceiling: Eileen Eggington talks about her experiences as a Detective Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Force.
Afternoon session 1:30 pm: The U3A Book Group tell us about the “Books we have read”.
15 May
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, A Forgotten Master?: Donald Ellman talks about this forgotten composer: Mozart’s pupil; Beethoven’s rival; Haydn’s successor and one of the most respected musicians of his time.
Afternoon session 1:30 pm: Meet the Hay U3A Philosophy group. They really aren’t dangerous.
19 June – Study Day
“Exploring Living Memory”. “Now what did I come up here for?” A day of talks and discussions around living with forgetfulness and dementia.
17 July
The Brontes of Haworth: Rev Richard Walker talks about their lives and work.
NO Afternoon session
21 August
"Disease, aliens and pollution: Some of the costs of wearing wool": Rodney Mace. The talk looks at the serious environmental damage to people and places in Australia, where the wool came from, and the 'wool towns' of West Yorkshire, where it was processed.
Afternoon session 1:30 pm: Meet the Jazz group: Hay Jazz group present their "Desert Island Discs".
No September meeting
16 October
Django Reinhardt & the Hot Club of France: Tim Phillips gives us a broader musician’s perspective of the guitarist – a man unable to read writing, let alone music.
20 November
Health Matters in Hay & Timbuktu: Dr Mary Hughes and Kate Bingley talk about the “Two Towns - One World Project”.
Afternoon session 1:30 pm: Janet Robinson: “A family grocery business”.
No December meeting