Haxby & Wigginton


Membership is administered by the membership secretary via the Beacon Membership System.


Members are required to submit one Membership Application/Renewal Form which gives us data protection permissions. To the right of this page is a link to the Membership Application/Renewal Form which may be downloaded. Be sure to complete both pages. Tick boxes give us the permissions we require. Once completed this should be sent to the Membership Secretary whose address is on the form. Payment is via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you may log in as a guest and use your credit or debit card for secure payment. You will need your HWU3A Membership Number which will be on your membership card.

Going on holiday can help our U3A!
If you book your holiday with Riviera Travel, then please mention Haxby & Wigginton U3A. lf you do this, then Riviera will donate 10% of your holiday cost to our U3A at no cost to yourself. This is because Haxby & Wigginton U3A has joined Riviera's 'Affinity Scheme' – which they operate with numerous U3As across the UK that are set up as charities. At the end of your holiday, Riviera will send you an email, asking that an invoice be sent to them to claim the donation. Please forward this email to our treasurer.

There are three important points to note:

Haxby & Wigginton U3A is not endorsing Riviera Travel as a supplier of holidays.

Neither Haxby & Wigginton U3A nor any of the committee/trustees have received, or will receive any benefit or incentive from Riviera other than the donations to Haxby & Wigginton U3A from the Affinity Scheme as described above.

Donations from the Affinity Scheme are paid direct to Haxby & Wigginton U3A, and are not payable to the individual who made the booking.