Hawkwell Village

Our visit to the Houses of Parliament

Having celebrated our 1st anniversary with a fabulous cream tea, we were then invited, by Mark Francois MP, to a guided tour of “The Houses of Parliament”.

The tour was extremely informative, with many of the idiosyncrasies that have to be adhered to being impated, some of which date back to Charles 1st.

When we were taken into both “The House of Lords” and “The House of Commons” we were told that under no cicumstance were we allowed to sit on the red, or green benches. Apparently only members of the respective house were allowed, even the guides had to remain standing. All this made you feel that we were looking in on an “Old Boy’s Club”. No wonder things take so long to happen.

We were, nevertheless, allowed to lean on the despatch box and dream of being Prime Minister, or leader of the opposition.

After the tour Mark joined us to answer any questions that may have presented themselves before posing for a group photograph.

As I hope you can see, in front of Mark is both our logo and the official certificate from Central Office.
This made for a fantastic opportunity for possible press coverage, but really didn’t show where we were so a second picture was taken leaving everybody who saw it in no doubt.
As we made our way back to the coach, in readiness for our next stop, Covent Garden, it began to drizzle and we all thought that the afternoon would be a washout.

However this was but a fleeting shower and the time spent at Covent Garden was most enjoyable with some trawling the “market” whilst others availed themselves of a nearby hostelry.