Hawkwell Village


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February 2022Anniversary Dinner and Dance 2022
December 2021Christmas 21 Meeting
December 2021John Hammond receiving award
December 2021Photographic Competition 2021
November 202140’s Night

If a member has an idea for an event please do not hesitate to let a committee member know or send an email to Website Editor, suggestions are welcomed.


A number of members organise various events on behalf of Hawkwell Village U3A. The member organising a specific event or social outing, will as far as possible, place a notice on the notice board at the monthly meeting, publish the details in the monthly newsletter and will arrange for the event to be announced at the monthly meeting.
Arrangements and costs involved will be made clear to members prior to the event. Payment of any monies collected by the organiser towards the event, will be on an agreed basis.
Should hired transport be required, this will be equally shared by the members taking part. In all other cases members will be expected to make their own travelling arrangements at their own cost.
Suitable clothing / footwear should be worn. Weather may have to be taken into consideration.
There are no specific health and safety issues foreseen, although members should be aware access to premises and transport may be restricted.
Members are responsible for their own dietary requirements.
Participation is at the members own risk.