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17th October 2021 - Havant U3A Privacy Policy, click on Privacy Policy under Links in the RH column to view.

13th October 2021 - The appointment of Carol Cooper as our Accessibility Officer. “Havant U3A is committed to ensuring that all of its activities are available to as many of its members as possible. To this end Carol Cooper has agreed to undertake this role. If you need help or have concerns about accessibility to what you want to do within Havant U3A please contact her by email at accessibility@havantu3a.org.uk or, if you do not have the internet, by telephone on 07586 344 939.

1st October 2021 - Havant Financial Policy, Havant Accessibility Policy, Havant Data Protection Policy, Havant Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Havant Trustee Code of Conduct

Welfare contact for Havant U3A

Val Worthington has agreed to become the Welfare Contact for Havant U3A. If you know of a member who is seriously ill, or has passed away, please let her know. Havant U3A can offer sympathy and help in any way the member, or the members family, feel appropriate. Contact Val in person, or by email (click on the 'bluebird' at top right hand corner of this page) or by telephone on 07780 615 386.

Annual Accounts

The audited accounts for Havant U3A's financial year 1st August 2019 to 31st July 2020 can be seen by clicking onto the appropriate link on the Membership Page. Also available are explanatory notes on the accounts and the Treasurer's Report.


It was very heartening to see such a strong attendance at our AGM and Groups Fair on 16th September with no fewer than 85 members present, notwithstanding that several members were known to be on holiday and others isolating.

We said farewell to one committee members, Ken Arkell, and extended a warm welcome to two others, Tom Hudson and Mary Close.

We began the new year with a talk by Alan Saunders entitled “The Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard” on 21 October. Alan was a member of that illustrious band.

In a change to our previously advertised programme, at our next meeting on 18 November, we are delighted to welcome one of our own members, Nigel Gossop, who will talk to us about Portsdown Hill, which he calls a stroll through time using photographs and images.

Again in a change to our customary meeting arrangements, we shall be holding our Christmas Party on Friday 17 December at Bedhampton Community Centre as insufficient time was available to us on our usual meeting day.

Having made the best of the situation last year with a virtual party, we are determined to make the most of this opportunity for a more normal event. We have arranged for entertainment by Trevor Rice and his trio following the recommendation of our own music maestro, Geoff Porter. They will also lead us in our community singing. There will be delicious party food on offer and the chance to meet up with old friends over a glass of wine.

If you have not so far purchased a ticket, please contact me. Tickets are £10.00 each this year.

As a consequence of the disruption occasioned by the pandemic, our membership has fallen, but is now recovering. If you have a friend or relation who is not yet a member of our U3A, please let them know what they are missing. For minimal outlay, they can enjoy the benefits of a friendly group and enjoy the experiences that come from membership of a vibrant local organisation with so much to offer.

Best wishes,

John West (Chair).

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