Current Affairs

The Current Affairs Group meets between 10.00am and midday, at the United Reform Church Ground Floor Meeting Room, every first Wednesday of the month throughout the year.

There is a monthly cover charge of £2.00 to cover the cost of hiring the meeting room.

The discussions are very informal and wide ranging. Topics in 2014-2015 have included:
- the UK energy situation and future requirements
- environmental issues including the controversial issues of fracking
- the refugee situation arising out of conflicts in the Near and Middle East
- an analysis of the rise of the Islamic State
- Benefits
- the Chilcot inquiry
- the NHS
- the 2015 General Election
- the Scottish Referendum
- Labour Party Leadership contest
- local issues including the closure of the Portsmouth ship building industry

Dates of meetings for 2015/2016 will be:

7th October 2015
4th November 2015
2nd December 2015
6th January 2016
3rd February 2016
2nd March 2016
6th April 2016
4th May 2016
1st June 2016
6th July 2016
3rd August 2016
7th September 2016.

An Agenda is set a week before meeting and circulated by e-mail. However topical issues change very rapidly and by the time of the meeting, other issues may be more relevant. We are very flexible and there is no pressure to come to every meeting. Just come along and join in whenever you feel like.