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Living Together Again
Michelle Magorian

On Thursday October 17th Michelle Magorian, a writer who comes from an acting background and who is also the author of Goodnight Mister Tom, will talk about four of her post war novels, Back Home, Cuckoo in the Nest, A Spoonful of Jam and Just Henry. It was while she was carrying out research for Goodnight Mister Tom that she came across a photograph of a group of sea evacuees returning to war torn England from America, having lived away from their families for five years. In this book and the three novels that followed, she explores what it was like for families who, after having been separated, struggled to learn how to live together again after the war was over.

Back Home was adapted for television twice, broadcast as a four-part series on BBC radio and came out as an audio book last year. Just Henry can also be listened to on audible books and has also been adapted for television.

Please do come along on Thursday October 17th, you will not be disappointed.

Welcome to Havant U3A