Dates for your Diary
May 2021
Thu May 20thMeeting2:00pm. Monthly Meeting, our speaker is Professor Malcolm Coe and his talk is entitled Asteroids – A waste of Space?

We welcome back Professor Coe who will talk about the solar system objects we call asteroids. There are thought to be many millions of these objects, with sizes ranging from 10s of metres to 100s of kilometres. Traditionally regarded as a threat to Planet Earth we are now beginning to realise they could represent an unbelievably valuable resource. The talk will explore where they can be found, what useful minerals they may hold and what role they may play in enabling solar system travel.

Malcolm Coe is Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Southampton University and his current research focus is the search for, and study of neutron stars. With over 200 scientific publications in international journals, he had an asteroid the size of the Isle of Wight named after him in 2017 (the 9015 Coe asteroid) for his contributions to astronomy research.

Please join us over Zoom at 2pm on Thursday 20th May 2021. You will not be disappointed
Wed May 26thSocialOnline Quiz via Zoom to celebrate U3A Day. More details to follow.
June 2021
Wed Jun 2ndSocialHavant U3A will Celebrate U3A Day at 2:00pm on 2nd June with a Virtually Impossible Zoom Presentation by Illusionist Steve Price. Invite a friend and/or a family member to view this fascinating and thoroughly entertaining event.
Thu Jun 17thMeetingThe Role of Technology in Keeping People Safe and Supported in their own Homes – Cll. Liz Fairhurst
July 2021
Thu Jul 15thMeetingThe Famous and Infamous of Portsmouth – Madeleine Salvetti

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