The Executive Committee for 2020-2021 was elected at the 17th September AGM:

John West Chairchair@havantu3a.org.uk
Peter NewmanSecretarysecretary@havantu3a.org.uk
Margaret StangerTreasurertreasurer@havantu3a.org.uk
Alison WhiteMembership Secretary membership@havantu3a.org.uk
Elizabeth JorgeProgramme Coordinator
Robert ChildGroups Coordinator
Martin Owen Front of House & Technical Support
Geoff Worthington Website and Internal Publicitywebmaster@havantu3a.org.uk
Ken ArkellExternal Publicity
Carol CooperMinutes Secretary
Fran McQueenExternal Publicity

Members with specific roles who are not on the executive committee:

Pauline Freeman Information Officerinfo@havantu3a.org.uk
Jenny Fletcher Website support
Alison Cook & Val Worthington Day Trips Organisers
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