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Analytical Philosophy - suitable for complete beginners and for university and college freshers!


Welcome to our Forum, we are a small group of very enthusiastic participants and I hope that you may enjoy the atmosphere and genuine desire to understand philosophy in our weekly meetings.

Last three years we have been doing Jenny Teichman & Katherine C.Evans' book "Philosophy A beginner's Guide- ISBN 0-631-21321-X" . The third edition of this book is highly recommended because we shall frequently make reference to this book in the present programme.

The present programme will follow each chapters in the textbooks and may be completed within 25 - 35 weeks. You can see our Course of Study on the following link sub-page.

If you can't attend the Forum do not worry, you are already in the Forum if you follow our email circulars [assuming that you would like to receive one - if not please let me know]. It will be particularly useful if you follow the book content as we go along and making comments by emails and forwarding questions and logical arguments as if you are in a live debate.

What is philosophy?

Philosophy is love of wisdom or, according to Bertrand Russell it "is a no-man's land between theology and science".

Philosophy is a study of problems which are concerned with the nature of existence, knowledge, morality, reason and human purpose.

Major branches of philosophy are:

  • metaphysics (nature of being and knowing);
  • ethics;
  • political philosophy;
  • philosophy of science;
  • logic.

We shall be covering all these subjects in our weekly forums but I personally consider the metaphysics, that is the theory of existence and the theory of knowledge [ontology and epistemology] together with logic are the foundation of all other branches of philosophy and therefore we shall put more emphasis on these subjects.

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