Hastings & Rother

Course of Study

Introduction: What is Philosophy?

Part I: Metaphysics - The Philosophy of Being and Knowing:

1 Some Puzzles about Existence
2 The Existence of God
3 The Existence and Identity of Persons
4 The Problem of Free Will
5 The Existence of Evil
6 The Problem of Knowledge
7 Scepticism Old and New

Part II: Ethics - The Philosophy of Value

8 Morality and Illusion
9 Egoism and Altruism
10 Utility and Principles
11 Life and Death

Part III: Political Philosophy - The Philosophy of State and Citizen

12 Authority and Anarchy
13 Liberty
14 Equality
15 Marx and Marxism
16 Politics and Sex

Part IV: The Philosophy of Science

17 The Methods of Science
18 Causation
19 Induction

Part V: Logic - The Philosophy of Inference and Argument

20 The Subject Matter of Logic
21 Syllogistic Logic
22 Modern Logic
23 The Propositional Calculus
24 The Predicate Calculus

Part VI: Philosophy and Life

25 The Meaning of Life
26 The Influence of Philosophy on Life