Hastings & Rother

Computer Help Pages

There have been requests for a computer self-help group. Please come forward and make yourself known to the Groups Convenor if you are interested.

There have been incidents recently when members have had their address books hacked by spammers. See Use of Emails and Passwords for suggestions on how to protect yourself including the use of Bcc.

Group Convenors can make their group pages far more interesting by adding photos. There is in the adding photos advice on a web based editing programme that make this task very easy.

Increasingly people are making use of webmail accounts providers rather than those hosted by their ISP (Internet Service Provider). These have the advantage of being accessible wherever you are in the world. We have obtained some advice from Which? on how to use webmail.

We have been contacted by Crossland and Dudson Training who are able to provide I.T. training at no cost. We have not checked this out so please provide us with feedback should you make contact with them.

There are also classes at the Bexhill Senior Citizens Club.