Welcome to Haslemere U3A

Staying active, learning and/or having fun in your third age are the basic aims for anyone involved in the U3A.

Founded in 1981, U3A in the UK now has more than 439,000 members. The core aim is to promote lifelong learning through self help interest groups, sharing knowledge on a wide range of subjects chosen by members. However, not all our activities are about learning.

U3A is for anyone who is no longer in full time employment or busy raising a family.

At its centre are the interest groups formed by the members for the members, covering as wide a variety of topics and activities as they wish. Any learning is for its own sake, with no exams and the key theme being enjoyment. Members are encouraged to "teach" what they are interested in or have knowledge or practical experience of.

Haslemere U3A has 600 members and more than 50 groups, providing a wide range of stimulating activities. More than that, we believe that we have a part to play in promoting physical and mental health and have support from local doctors in this.

We are an independent charity ( No. 1053049 ) founded in 1995 and based at Haslemere Hall. We host monthly speakers there on varied subjects, to which all are welcome free of charge, including non members.

Outdoor activities include five walking groups, bird watching, petanque, cycling for fun, a new farming and wildlife conservation group and a new target shooting group. The six language groups even include new testament Greek.

There are four lunch clubs (including one on Sundays for solos), six bridge groups, book groups, wine appreciation, cooking for men, table tennis, dancing, jazz appreciation, a ukulele group, art for all - and more.

There is something for everyone - see our Group pages. New groups form every year.

If you are not yet a member, do come and join us - see our Membership page for details.

Because of the pandemic, where appropriate our activities have moved on-line, using platforms such as Zoom. Other activities have been kept on hold until physical meetings are safe. For example, our monthly talks are continuing via Zoom. The status of our many Activity Groups is on the Groups page.