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NEWSLETTER – June 2021

The responses to our members questionnaire indicated that only about 21% of Haslemere U3A members are aged under 70 and we know that this proportion reduces year by year – other U3As have a similar issue. We are therefore focusing on attracting new younger members in the coming months, by advertising more energetically our activities and events.
Part of the solution is to start using Facebook and we will shortly be setting up a Facebook page. Whether we like it or not, 40 million UK users a month use Facebook and of all the internet users in the UK 78% use Facebook. This is where you can help us – we need lots of photos of groups of happy, active-looking Haslemere U3A members, which we can display on Facebook and on our website. If you have any suitable pictures please contact the publicity officer using the link on the Contact page. Please remember that in this case you need to warn the people concerned that their pictures are to be used for publicity purposes, including our website and social media, and ask them for their consent.
We are also planning to have a stall at three local outdoor events in August and September – you may be asked to assist with these.
Apart from our Enrolment Day on the afternoon of Monday 6th September, where we hope that all our groups will be represented and when you may also be asked to assist, we are planning a Relaunch Prosecco Party, also at Haslemere Hall, at 2.30pm on Monday 11th October, with a celebrity guest. All members and their guests are warmly invited to this, so please note the date in your diary now and try to think of a younger friend whom you might be able to invite.
We are also planning a coffee morning for new members in mid_September, to welcome them properly to Haslemere U3A.
Allen Chubb Chairman

Elizabeth Pamplin has kindly agreed to Co-ordinate a new WORLD HISTORY GROUP, which will focus on a different area of the world each term and start with the history of China. It’s not just for people who have been to China. If we can begin to understand China’s history, we might begin to understand why its huge economic growth in the last 50 years is linked to an increasingly aggressive stance upon the World Stage and why it will brook no criticism of its views or actions.
Discussion on the China topic could cover its chronological history, plus the history of Taiwan and Tibet, Hong Kong, the Uighur Moslems, culture, art, ancient philosophy and technology, plus the philosophy and policies of the current Communist Party. There is much to admire and much to criticise and even more to try to understand in order to work better with China for a more peaceful world.
Those interested should contact Elizabeth via Lorna, our Groups Coordinator – please see Contact page on our website.
We await volunteers to bring together the following groups : CINEMA, CREATIVE WRITING, OPERA and THEATRE. Given the popular support for these topics , please do give this some further thought and contact Lorna through our website contact page, if you think that you might be able to help.

JOHN RUTTER CAROL CONCERT on 9th December 2021 at 3.00pm
We have 16 spare seats for this popular annual concert at The Royal Albert Hall, which are prime seats in the Arena. The coach ( with a toilet ) will leave Haslemere at 11.00am and return about 7.30pm. The cost is £48, including travel and driver’s tip. If you want to attend, please email Don Stacey, our excursions secretary, asap via the website contact page.

Original Five Mile Ramblers
Throughout the lockdowns, we have tried to maintain momentum and keep ramblers rambling. Last April, for example, was a great time to explore walks from homes and was useful for developing future walks.
Since January, we have been walking in pairs and bubbles. Then from 30th April, we began walking in groups of 15, allowing just a bit of space between us. We hope to increase numbers by the Autumn term and to reintroduce pub lunches at the end of the walks, which is normally all part of the fun. We will continue to walk throughout this summer, then stopping for a break until our walk on Friday 3rd September. We are looking forward to better weather, though are undeterred by a little wind and rain.
Walking is of course a well-known way of helping to stay healthy and we have room for a couple of new members. Please see our group page on the website.

Stars ( Science Technology And Related Subjects )
Our popular group will be starting its tenth year this September. Meeting on the second Thursday of the month at 10.00 am in the Haslemere Hall annexe for up to two hours, major subjects have included navigation, the challenge of building the Panama Canal, the internet and how computers connect to it, GM crops in Europe, insulin, evolution by natural selection, the nine lives of cat scanning, radar, the story of explosives, the elements and astronomy.
There are talks and presentations by invited speakers, many of whom are members with specialist knowledge, sometimes accompanied by experiments. Subjects are generally selected by members. One forthcoming subject is “the thermodynamics of everyday life.”
We welcome new members, particularly those bringing new ideas and areas of interest. Those thinking about joining should contact our Leader John Pearce, via Lorna, our Groups Coordinator – please see our website contact page.

Cycling for Fun
We have enjoyed cycling together on a regular basis this year, with two rides a month on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, varying on average between 17 and 23 miles, with a relaxing coffee stop in the middle. Using a mixture of electric, hybrid and road bikes, we support each other on these rides, helping with punctures for example. There is always a backmarker who makes sure that everyone is safe and not left behind.
Our main priority is for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike along quiet lanes, in beautiful countryside. The ride schedule is published on the group website page – all the different routes which we have done can be seen, as well as forthcoming rides. We try to vary the rides from the easier grade 1/2 to the more strenuous 3/4, aiming to give members a good choice according to their abilities. We welcome new members – if you know anyone who rides on their own and who might want give group cycling a try, just suggest that they look at our Cycling for Fun group webpage.

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