General meetings are held in Haslemere Hall usually on the second Monday of January, February, March, May, June, September, October and November. The meetings start at 2.00pm with a guest speaker, details of future meetings are included in Dates for your Diary below. Members and guests are welcome to these open meetings, but special meetings may be restricted. There is no charge for attending the meetings and tea and biscuits are provided.

The dates and details of Wine Appreciation groups and First Aid meetings will also be shown when scheduled.

Details of excursions will be included when scheduled.

Dates for your Diary
Mon Sep 14th Andrew Bustin - Life as an Extra. Andrew Bustin, who started in the film industry in the 1990s, provides a fascinating insight into how TV programmes, films and adverts are made and what is needed to achieve the right result.
Mon Oct 12th Tony Harris - Henry V111. Tony Harris is a professional comedian, raconteur and actor who specializes in historical talks with an hysterical twist. His presentation of Henry V111 not only informs but lifts the spirits.
Mon Nov 9th AGM & Speaker Nigel MacKnight - The Adventures of a Dyslexic Author. Martin Lloyd discovered he was dyslexic three years ago, having spent 40 years as a freelance author working in television, the movie industry and aviation. A most intriguing presentation.
Mon Dec 14th Christmas Event. Details to be notified in due course.
Mon Jan 11th 2021 Susan Purcell - Crosswords. Susan Purcell is a linguist, author, crossword compiler and editor of the Puzzler Crossword Solver's Dictionary. Susan provides a fascinating insight into some improbable uses of crosswords, as well as 'tricks of the trade'.
Mon Feb 8th 2021 Sue Lambert - Scams and their Avoidance. Sue Lambert works in banking. She shines a light on the most common scams, including on-line, postal and telephone scams, how to avoid them and who to report them to.
Mon Mar 8th 2021 John Weatherburn - Saudi Arabia. John Weatherburn has traveled extensively in Saudi Arabia. In this talk he provides some fascinating insights into the country, its people, its natural wonders and its history.
Mon May 10th 2021 Martin Lloyd - Passports in History. Martin Lloyd worked for HM Immigration Service for 24 years. He describes the fascinating tales of three passports - one involved in attempted assassination, another in the capture of a spy, and one that turned into a killer.
Mon Jun 14th 2021 Andy Thomas - Crop Circles. With stunning visuals Andy explores the phenomenon of crop circles, the intricate shapes which appear in fields around the world and still defy explanation, and the theories that try to offer insight.
Thu Dec 10th John Rutter Carol Concert at 3.00 pm: 50 Seats in the Arena at the Royal Albert Hall have been reserved. A coach with toilets has also been booked. The cost will be approximately £45 each. To reserve a place email donstacey32@gmail.com. This event is subject to Government virus precautions being relaxed in time.
Other Events
Mon Sep 7th Enrolment Day 1.30pm to 3.30pm at Haslemere Hall. Confirmation of this date and details will follow in due course. Existing members who wish to renew their membership will shortly be able to do so on-line through the Beacon system which the Haslemere U3A is in the process of adopting. Members should contact soon (a) their group leaders and organisers to indicate whether they wish to continue as group members from September and (b) the leaders and organisers of any other groups they wish to join.
Further Information
Wed Nov 25th The Ukulele group has been invited to play at Fernhurst Village Hall for the Good Companions at the end of November. Of course, this will only go ahead if the government's social distancing guidance has been relaxed by then. We certainly hope so!