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Bygones, Panic Buyer

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Gorsespendour, 1944 Wellesbourne, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

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Newsletter Winter 2019, Spring 2020

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All U3A members are entitled to receive a free copy of the National Newsletter by email. This is a digest of what all U3As are up to, even with the restrictions. During this coronavirus emergency, our National Office is also using it to keep members informed on the latest government advice concerning coronavirus covid-19. The newsletter is normally monthly but extra 'Express newsletters' are being issued for this purpose.

So, if you do not already receive it you may wish to subscribe by going on-line to 'U3A' (not Harpenden U3A) and selecting 'Newsletter', which will enable you to sign up for it. (Harpenden U3A is in the East of England Region.) Past copies are accessible on that site so you can appreciate the content. The National Office recommends members to keep in touch in this way.