Climate Change Notes

Report from the Climate Change Group, 26 May 2020

Since we are all unable to meet just now, we have recently started to engage by group email. In my emails to the group I insert all the members’ names in the To…. box so that everyone receives the same mail. Members can respond to everyone by touching the Reply All … icon. We are all familiar with this idea but now our group will use it to share their individual thoughts to all the members and then additional replies can address the individual contributions and further develop the thinking.

The Climate Change Group uses a book as its base text. I chose Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming. It’s quite a long title! Having read about a dozen related books I chose this one because it is positive. There is much to cause extreme anxiety in climate breakdown but negativities will take us nowhere. Drawdown was the result of scientists in related fields coming together to form the Drawdown Project, showing best ways forward from the content of their specialised fields of work. Until Drawdown there had been no platform for mutual sharing of information between those scientific fields.

You may wish to view the programme called Drawdown on line. The Editor of the book Drawdown, Paul Hawken, hosts the event.

The themes we have been studying are: Energy, Food, Agriculture, Women and Girls’ education, Building Cities, Land use, Transport and Materials. The latter is the one which we are currently studying. The next and final section is Coming Attractions looking at some very bright and exciting ideas for the future.

The Drawdown book is intended for the general reader, though it is rather dense. I have bought several copies of this wonderful book for family and friends.

I have recently sent the Climate Change Group copies of all the section themes, which I wrote up for the U3A newsletters and which are currently on our U3A web site.

We will use each one of the newsletters as a way back in to the above themes and raise some questions between us, as to constructive actions we might undertake individually or collectively as a result our study.

It has been a very rewarding experience for us to share the wealth of positive and constructive ideas in Drawdown. Hopefully, our group may be able to meet again in the not too distant future, when it would be lovely to see everyone again.

Pat Jacques.