Normally, our most accessible activity is a fortnightly meeting on Thursday afternoons at the Harpenden Trust Hall. We usually have a speaker, followed by a discussion, or a session involving members' contributions. These meetings start formally at 2.15pm with announcements, but you will find much conversation going on from 1.45pm onwards and also afterwards as people continue to chat before dispersing.

In the pandemic situation, we have been holding Monthly Zoom meetings with a Speaker instead of the fortnightly General Meetings. This Autumn, we have continued with Zoom general meetings, but we are holding some physical meetings with limited numbers and strict rules. Places in these physical meetings have to be booked in advance. We have also done some experimenting with ways to hold hybrid meetings.


These are organised independently by Group Leaders and may normally be regular meetings which are shown in the "Calendar" on the Groups page, or meetings arranged individually such as the Visits and Outing below. In the pandemic situation, some groups have been organising Zoom meetings instead or holding meetings outdoors.


From time to time we normally arrange visits to places of interest, either on a Thursday afternoon or extra to the programme. These might involve a charge for transport or entry fees. Sometimes, for a nearby location, members might make up car-loads.

Proposed visits and outings would be announced at the General meetings and advertised on the notice board, in the Programmes and Newsletters, as notices on the 'Welcome' page and on the appropriate Group page. In the current situation, no visits or outings are being organised.

Dates for your Diary
Thu Dec 2nd Christmas Social 2.15 - 3.45 in the Trust Hall. Places MUST be booked in advance with the chairman.
Thu Jan 20th 2022 General Meeting in the Trust Hall. Topic: TBD
Thu Feb 17th 2022 General Meeting in the Trust Hall. Topic: TBD
Thu Mar 17th 2022 General Meeting in the Trust Hall. Topic: TBD
Thu Apr 14th 2022 General Meeting in the Trust Hall. Topic: TBD