Our Committee - 2020

The members of our Committee and their responsibilities are:

Rita Tomlin Chairwoman & Voluntary Liaison Coordinator01279 415459
Maureen Martin Vice-Chair Meet & Greet Coordinator01279 303725
Heather Graham Treasurer01279 304942
Liz Stapleton Business Secretary01279 419714
Claire Knight Membership Coordinator01279 416331
Pam Pryor Groups Treasurer01279 861537
Janice Bushell Joint Groups Coordinator01279 414545
Anne Richards Joint Groups Coordinator01279 414005
Geoff Longster Website Coordinator glongster@hotmail.com
Terry Sothcott Newsletter Editors Harlowu3anewsletter@gmail.com


Barbara Abbott Community Bus01279 435242
Ann Flint Special Events Coordinator01279 414785
Peter Gould Speaker Coordinator01279 830886
Kevin Timmons Equipment Coordinator01279 869025
Jill Moyes Outings Coordinator 01279 423891

A copy of the latest Committee Minutes is available via the link to the right.