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Find articles on sustainable living under this new option: there will be tips on gardening, how to save energy (and money!), how to do something to preserve the world around us, possibly recipes for easy dishes, that don't take a lot of effort and energy. Most of these offerings will be by the members of the Environment Group, but if you and/or your Group has any ideas you would like to share with other members, please contact the Editor. She will show it to the other members of the Environment Group. If they are happy with it, she will make it available here.

Energy from clean non-fossil is now cheaper than that produced from fossil fuels, see:
Switching info to read about switching to clean energy.
You can go to Big clean community switch and check whether it is cheaper than your current supplier

Plastics: Plastic-free shopping - the Clean Kilo
More shops are becoming plastic-free: Zero waste revolution
Preventing plastic debris from entering the oceans is the preferred option, otherwise
Recycling plastics

Climate change:
Greta Thunberg's address to the UK House of Commons: Greta Thunberg speech. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish girl, 16 year old in 2019, who has sparked off the monthly Friday school strikes, demanding that governments take action to ensure that the global temperature rise doesn't exceed 1.5 degrees C.
Read a short introduction to the science of climate change:
introduction to climate change
The daily Carbon Count: The daily carbon count
Some books to read to help defeating climate change

Food and the Environment
Nature needs a helping hand to produce food for us, as the small creatures that make the soil fertile are in difficulties:
Talk by Kate Cooperfrom the Birmingham Food Council on 3 July 2019
FAO Report
Growing organic

Ideas for Living Simply in the 21st Century

The Charter for Trees Those pesky weeds Our natural world is under threat

Join: Environmental Issues for further details on issues of sustainability. Contact Wiebina at %Webmistress% or other members of the Group: