Harborne & Edgbaston

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The management of the U3A is vested in the committee as stated in the U3A’s Constitution
(available on the website). The committee is formed of members whose duty it is to carry out
its general policy and to provide for the administration, management and control of the affairs
and property of the U3A. Any member can volunteer for election to the committee as roles
become available and indeed all are encouraged to think about offering their services! The U3A
needs committee members in order to continue. Currently there is a call out for a member to
volunteer to take on the role of Treasurer in December 2020, with the time between now &
then enabling ‘shadowing’ of the current Treasurer. The roles of Chair, Business Secretary and
Social Secretary will also become vacant.
The U3A is a Charity and all committee members are registered with the Charity Commission as
Trustees of Harborne & Edgbaston U3A.
Currently the committee has 10 members (elected and co-opted) to fulfil various roles in the
running of the U3A. These posts are Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Business Secretary
(called the Officers) and Secretaries for Groups, Membership, Speakers, Social events and the
Newsletter. There is also a Web Administrator, a Room Bookings Coordinator and a member
looking after welfare issues. There are defined role descriptions which are available on request
from the Business Secretary.
In essence, the Chairman provides leadership of the U3A, supporting the ethos and philosophy
of the U3A movement and chairs committee and general meetings. In this role the Chairman is
supported by the Vice-Chairman, who will stand in for absences. The Treasurer is responsible
for all monies passing through U3A bank accounts and produces an end of year statement of
accounts for the AGM. The Business Secretary, with the Chairman, prepares agendas and
papers for committee meetings and the AGM, takes minutes of all meetings, which are then
circulated as appropriate and is the named contact for correspondence from the National U3A.
The Groups’ Secretary supports the interest Group Co-ordinators, assists with the setting up of
new interest groups and is the main contact between the groups and the committee. The
Membership Secretary is the ‘face’ of the U3A, being the main point of contact, both in person
and via email, for people applying to join the U3A or renewing membership. The Speakers’
Secretary is responsible for inviting speakers to the monthly general meetings, covering a
variety of topics - something for everyone - and for making the speakers feel welcome and
The Social Secretary arranges the main social functions throughout the year, such as the annual
lunch, annual outing, a summer function and events such as quiz nights.
The Web Administrator has the main task of keeping the Harborne & Edgbaston U3A website up
to date and relevant and must be computer & web literate! The website is hosted by the
National U3A headquarters who occasionally make changes to improve the programme. The
Room Bookings Coordinator ensures that appropriate rooms are available and booked up to a
year in advance for interest groups and general meetings. Ad hoc bookings are also made by
the Coordinator and she keeps a list of suggested new venues for investigation, should the
need arise.
When made aware of any issues affecting the welfare of any member, the committee member
responsible for Welfare will call or send a card etc. as appropriate.
All committee members are happy to talk about their roles in supporting the functioning of
Harborne & Edgbaston U3A and would encourage all members to consider how they can get
involved when the need arises!
September 2018