Harborne & Edgbaston



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Until we can meet again safely, we intend to hold our monthly general meetings via Zoom, with a guest speaker. Details are shown below.


Monthly meetings are held at St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Vivian Road, Harborne**, on the first Wednesday in the month at 2.15pm. (**NB. ON NO ACCOUNT should mail for U3A be addressed c/o St Mary's Parish Centre **).

We usually start with a talk from a variety of invited speakers who talk on a range of subjects. There are also periodic presentations by individual interest groups.

This is followed by a short business meeting when members are updated on national and Local U3A news and developments.

Potential and new members are made welcome by our committee members.

Light refreshments are served after the talk and ample time is available for members to socialise and to talk to interest group coordinators.

NB. Parking

There is no parking at St Mary's Parish Centre, although there are car parks in Harborne, a few minutes walk away. Also, bus stops for the 11 and 27 buses are just around the corner on Harborne Park Road and numbers 23 and 24 stops are close by on the High Street.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Jul 7th Heavenly Beauty, Earthly Delight – Gardens of Paradise

This talk describes the history, design and symbolism of Persian / Islamic / Moghal style gardens using examples from Iran (Persia), Morocco, India, Spain and the UK. Adrian James starts by explaining why these gardens are laid out as they are, then covers the logistics of arranging for the availability of water in a desert environment, and then charts how these gardens were spread throughout the world. We will see wonderful examples of Persian style gardens in this postponed talk from last year.
Wed Aug 4th Street Art: An urban gallery. By David Drury.

David Drury is a registered London Blue Badge guide who will first touch upon the emergence of graffiti in America and the whole scene around that in the 1980s and how it was largely criminalised leading to, some might argue, a more sophisticated brand of urban art arising into what we now know as street art.
He will then look at 
• the different methods of producing the art itself
• areas in which it has emerged in London and further afield
• different styles of art; political, fun, commercial
• different mediums from chewing gum to trash  
• different scales from tiny to the size of tower blocks
• and cover some of the big names in the street art world
Wed Sep 1st Speaker from Greenpeace - awaiting details.
Wed Oct 6th The Spy Who Solved His Own Murder - Alexander Litvinenko - by Paul Barwick

Paul Barwick has a background in national intelligence and security so is the ideal person to introduce the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko by two Russian assassins using Polonium 210 a deadly radioactive nerve agent. Paul will talk about Alexander’s life and death and the attempts to assassinate him. He will give us the reasons why a vengeful President finally said enough and asks if the family will ever find proper justice.
Wed Nov 3rd Time Through the Ages by John Hope.

Speaker John Hope talks us on a journey through time telling over the centuries showing the development and improvement of time telling devices from sundial to water clocks … through the introduction of mechanical clocks, railway time, domination of pendulum devices to the Atomic Clock.
Wed Dec 1st AGM

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