Hamble Valley

Car Sharing Policy

Should an Interest Group activity include visiting a location outside our immediate area and, therefore, not accessible by walking, or free local public transport, and it would not be convenient to make the journey by means of long distance public transport on location, cost, or time grounds the sharing of a car journey between the members maybe an economical alternative. This may also apply to travel to General Meetings or other U3A events.

Car sharing means the car owner / driver agrees to transport one, or more passengers for the whole, or part of the journey to and from the location they all wish to visit and to share fuel and other incidental costs associated with the journey equally between them. Passengers should always be made aware of any charges that will be made by the driver, these must not include any contribution towards speeding fines, or illegal parking fines incurred on the journey.

A member and car owner agrees to take three other members, as passengers, all the way from his/her home to a museum that is 50 miles away and that is not close to any bus, or train, routes. A public car park nearest to the museum will, we assume, cost £1.00 per hour and the group spends 3 hours in total getting from the car park, seeing the exhibits and getting back to the car for the return journey home.

It is agreed by the HVu3a committee for fuel to be charged at a maximum of £0.30 per mile, this provides some allowance for other related costs of car ownership for the driver. However the driver may, at his/her discretion, choose not to charge passengers or make a lower charge.

Full round trip is 100 miles @ £0.30 per mile = £30.00
Parking charges at the museum are £1.00 per hour × 3 hours = £3.00
Total cost of the journey = £33.00
Divided between driver and the 3 passengers equally, each persons’ share = £8.25

Driver will therefore receive £8.25 from each of the 3 passengers making a total of £24.75

Agreed: 25 January 2021
Review date: 1 February 2023