Hamble Valley

U3A Members and Companions/Carers

U3A membership is open to everybody in their third age, namely those no longer in full time employment. U3As are self-help, co-operative organisations run entirely by the members for the members and therefore it is important that individuals are able to take full responsibility for their own participation in U3A interest groups and events. Should the situation arise when a member no longer feels confident that he/she can participate fully without needing help, it will be necessary for that person to be accompanied by a companion/carer (free of charge) who will be covered by the liability insurance provided by The Third Age Trust whilst in attendance. Even if you have members who are willing to help you cannot allow them to take responsibility for another member’s care as this could be deemed to be outside our insurance cover if any injury or damage resulted.

Agreed: 01/10/19
Review date: 01/10/21