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For this purpose, this means books, journals, magazines, maps, newspapers, sheet music, photographs, digital images, films, videos, recorded music, lyrics, composed music, recorded sound & artwork.

Has a very broad meaning and would include any one of the followings: photocopying, scanning from print, copying from digital originals (e.g. the internet), communicating or making the work available to the public such as playing films recorded sound or music in public, copying lyrics, copying artwork, including artwork or photographs or digital images in documents, passing off words or lyrics as your own, copying written work, including music or videos in performances (sampling is an example), singing or playing live music, performing live drama or musicals.

Others Means anyone other than yourself.


What is copyright?

Copyright is a branch of the law which protects creativity. It is a right which provides protection for original literary, dramatic, musical & artistic work allowing those who own such works to control the way in which their work can be used and exploited. In the UK, copyright arises automatically when a work that qualifies for protection is created and committed to paper or another fixed form. Copyright does not need to be registered and the creator does not have to be a professional in order for his original work to be protected by copyright. So, for example, a photograph by an amateur/social photographer such as a U3A member or a member of his family can be protected by copyright. Also, a work does not have to have the copyright symbol or the word copyright on it for it to be subject to copyright. These symbols are merely used to put other people on notice that the piece of work is protected by copyright and not freely available to use.
Finally, be aware that one piece of work can contain lots of different copyright elements at the same time. For example, in a song, lyrics are protected as literary work; the composition is protected as musical work; and the actual recording of that song is protected as a sound recording.

Agreed: 01/10/19
Review date: 01/10/21