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All General Meetings at St. Lukes Church have been cancelled until further notice. These will start again as soon as possible. General meetings are being held via Zoom during Covid 19 restrictions

Social Events - Refunds were made for all events organised during 2020 that had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions. Events that we had to cancel included London Postal Museum, Bletchley Park, Oxford, the Gardeners World Show at the NEC and our quarterly quizzes. We have started booking social events again, so please check the Social Events section of the Dates For Your Diary below.

Speakers - We have reorganised the speaker programme to prioritise those speakers that are able to deliver their talks via Zoom. When things return to normal, we will be rebooking the speakers we have had to cancel. The booked speakers, including those for the 2021/22 membership year are shown in Meetings section of the Dates for your Diary below.

General Meetings start at 2.30pm on the second Tuesday of every month. Before Covid 19 restrictions, these were held at ST LUKES CHURCH, ST LUKES CLOSE, HEDGE END, SO30 2US. Currently, they are held online, including speakers, via Zoom, but we expect to return to St. Lukes in the near future. They feature a guest speaker and in normal circumstances also provide an opportunity to join an interest group or to "sign up" for social events.

Visitors are always welcome and can attend up to 3 meetings at a cost of £1 per meeting.

Details of all Social Events are normally available at general meetings or in our newsletters but it is necessary to book a place and pay the full amount per person at the time of booking. This is to ensure that members who change their minds at the last minute do not disadvantage other members or cause the U3A financial loss. BACS, cheques or cash payments are accepted.

Transport to Meetings

If you do not have a car or have difficulty getting about and this means you cannot attend our meetings we are introducing a car sharing scheme involving other members to get you there. If you are interested please contact us making sure you provide a contact phone number and the area where you live. You will be asked by the driver of the car to make a small contribution to the petrol cost.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Nov 9th Gerald Ponting: My Favourite Photos and the Stories Behind Them

Gerald has been a keen photographer since the age of 12. As a member of Viewfinders Romsey Camera Club for the past 26 years he has won a number of club trophies, most recently the Natural History Trophy. Today he will show us his favourite photos and how they came to be taken.
Tue Dec 14th Heather Parsons: Being on Strictly

Heather will give us the inside story of what it is really like to be part of that iconic Christmas tv show. Having been chosen as a charity contestant to take part in Strictly Come Dancing for Comic Relief she is able to tell us about the parts we viewers do not see.
Tue Jan 11th 2022 Paul Barwick: The Mysterious Death of MI6 Spy and Codebreaker Gareth Edwards

Paul Barwick was a police officer, now retired after thirty four years of service. His career was in the national intelligence and security arena and worked with partner agencies in the field of national security and counter terrorism. His talk today will cover the story behind the headline and delve into the world of espionage, denial and treachery.
Tue Feb 8th 2022 Suzanne Kempe: The New Forest Pony - More than Meets the Eye

Suzanne has lived in the New Forest for thirty years and is also a practising commoner. She breeds New Forest Ponies and she is a member of the New Forest Pony Judges Panel. Her talk today will be fully illustrated by photos.
Tue Mar 8th 2022 Alan Saunders: The Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard

Alan served in The Queen’s Bodyguard of the Yeoman of the Guard for sixteen years. He therefore has inside knowledge of what it is like to be part of the ceremonial Guard that attends HM Queen Elizabeth on state occasions. Today he will share with us what those duties involve.
Tue Apr 12th 2022 Neil Littleales: DNA – A Springboard to Your Ancestry?

After many years dabbling in family history Neil studied with the Institute of Genealogical & Heraldic Studies to gain his research qualification. He now travels the country sharing what he has learnt. Today’s talk explores, with simple explanations and examples, the power of DNA and the way it can unlock doors in the search for long-lost relatives and your family history.
Tue May 10th 2022 Jenny Mallin: Travels in India

Following on from her talk ‘A Grandmother’s Legacy – Life as a Memsahib in British Raj India,’ today Jenny gives us an entertaining vignette of some of her travels around India. The talk is filled with amusing anecdotes from the arduous task of just purchasing a train ticket to stories of the kindness of strangers, the superstitious side of a nation and an insight into how India has changed since 1990 with the progression of technology.
Tue Jun 14th 2022 Sally Murdoch: Tudor Medicine and its Practitioners

Sally Murdoch is a historian and author who trained and worked in the Education Department of the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Today she will tell us about strange illnesses and their remedies in Tudor times. She will bring with her some of the Tudor treatments she has made using herbs from her garden.
Tue Jul 12th 2022 AGM

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