Halesworth & District

Interest Group Coordinators

Interest Group Coordinators do not need to be experts!

The Interest Group Coordinator acts as a facilitator, to help the group members pursue their interests and meet their objectives. The frequency of meetings, venue and objectives of the group should be discussed and agreed by the members.

New Interest Group Coordinators can get help and advice from the Interest Groups Facilitator.

Group Administration is very simple:

  • The Interest Group Coordinator is asked to record the name of every group member. This is a requirement of the insurance cover provided by The Third Age Trust. Please send the register to the Interest Groups Facilitator, when requested, and notify them of any changes to the group.
  • All groups are self-financing. If appropriate, the Interest Group Coordinator should keep a simple record of income and expenditure. Any surpluses may be spent as the group sees fit. (However, as the U3A is a charitable organisation, donations should not be made to other charities in the name of the U3A unless a specific fund raising event has been held for that purpose).
  • If an incident occurs during a meeting, which results in injury or damage to property, the Interest Group Coordinator is asked to complete an Incident Report Form , send the form to the Secretary and also let the Interest Groups Facilitator know.