Halesworth & District

About Halesworth and District U3A

Our U3A is a learning co-operative enabling members to share many educational, creative and leisure activities. This is done through interest groups that meet regularly, often in member’s homes.

The interest groups cover a wide range of activities including literature, science, technology, languages, walking and many more besides. Their common feature is that they are all requested by members, not prescribed from outside. We rely on members to contribute their own experience, interests and enthusiasms actively, so that we learn from each other.

There are no tuition fees, no entry qualifications and no final exams. All you need is to be interested. Some groups have only 3 or 4 members, others ten or more. If you have an interest that is not represented, you only have to ask around to find others who might share it, and that starts a new group.

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All our members are invited to our regular monthly meetings, on the third Tuesday of the month, when there is a guest speaker or some kind of social activity. Members are kept up to date with what is going on, there are refreshments and a chance to socialize. There is a small charge for guests.

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Other events take place from time to time and are advertised on this website, at the monthly meetings and in our round-robin emails.

Membership is £15 a year. This allows you to attend our monthly meetings, have memberships of as many groups as you like and membership of the national U3A (Third Age Trust). The national U3A has a large resource centre to provide course materials, a network of national co-ordinators in just about every conceivable subject, and a quarterly magazine.

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