Halesworth & District


USEFUL LINKS: The detail of government advice re Covid-19 continues to change frequently. This means we can only provide general information/guidance here, plus links to websites which are maintained to provide relevant information to U3A groups and members:

Government/Health Track & Trace: NHS Track and Trace
NHS Covid-19 App: NHS Covid 19 App
Symptoms: Covid-19 Symptoms
Quarantine: Covid-19 Quarantine

CURRENT U3A ACTIVITIES: All our u3a activities are required to comply with both government guidance and advice from the 3rd Age Trust (the national u3a organisation). The Third Age Trust has updated their guidance to reflect the changes made in July 2021 to government regulations for England. The Third Age Trust advice is that the following steps should be taken when starting up face to face meetings post-Covid lockdown:

i) U3A Group Coordinators should let their Interest Groups Facilitator know they intend to re-start face to face meetings for their group(s).

ii) Appropriate risk assessments are to be completed for which there are three checklists available. Before resuming face to face activities each group coordinator should complete the Activity Risk Assessment (Covid 19). Once completed this should be sent to the Interest Group Facilitator who will ensure that the Halesworth and District u3a committee are aware of the assessment.

In circumstances where the group use a commercial venue it may also be appropriate for the Group Coordinator to complete the Venue Risk Assessment.

Individual members of activity groups are encouraged to consider their personal attitude to risk before attending their first face to face meeting. The Third Age Trust Personal Members Checklist can be used for this. The checklist is solely for personal use and members will not be asked to share the contents with anyone.

MONTHLY MEETINGS AND TALKS: Since July 2021 several groups have begun to meet face to face and more will follow as venues become available. Details of group activities post-Covid will be added to this site as groups start to meet.

MONTHLY COFFEE MORNINGS: During the pandemic we have not been able to hold our monthly coffee mornings for new and potential members. We hope to resume the meetings once the venue becomes available.

OUTINGS & OTHER SOCIAL EVENTS: We are hoping to reintroduce a full programme as soon as possible.

RISK ASSESSMENTS: See the Risk Assessments page for general guidance and Covid-19 related guidance (especially for Group Coordinators).