Hale & District


You can contact members of the U3A Committee using the following email addresses:

CHAIR: chairman@haleu3a.co.uk
VICE CHAIR: vicechair@haleu3a.co.uk
SECRETARY: secretary@haleu3a.co.uk
TREASURER: treasurer@haleu3a.co.uk
GROUPS: groupscoordinator@haleu3a.co.uk
MEMBERSHIP: membership@haleu3a.co.uk
SOCIAL EVENTS: socialevents@haleu3a.co.uk
BEACON ADMINSTRATOR: beaconadmin@haleu3a.co.uk
COMMUNICATIONS: communications@haleu3a.co.uk
SOCIAL TREASURER: socialtreasurer@haleu3a.co.uk
NEWSFLASH EDITOR: newsflash@haleu3a.co.uk
DAYS OUT: daysout@haleu3a.co.uk
THEATRE VISITS: theatrevisits@haleu3a.co.uk

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