Hadleigh Suffolk


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We realise that there are some talks that people enjoy and some less so. We always looking for new ideas for talks so we can hunt down someone who can give a talk on that theme. If you have an idea on a theme for a talk or know of a brilliant speaker Jeff (the Speaker Co-ordinator) would love to hear it. Leave a message for him here Jeff


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Mary Smith - A Schoolgirls War
This seemed to be the most popular talk so far and we received many comments on how much members enjoyed it. It was especially interesting to hear how it brought back memories for some members of their experiences of being in school shelters. A few of the comments below -

'..very much enjoyed it.'

'brilliant afternoon listening to that extraordinary find of Artist illustrations from war years at Girls Grammar School'

'...the talk was fantastic and so interesting.'

'Very much enjoyed the talk'

'I did enjoy the talk from Mary Smith – it took me right back to when I was at school in Middlesex. We also had tunnels in the grass and the same benches but only remember having to go down in them once.''

-'thank you again for an interesting talk. I well remember the hours spent in a shelter exactly like that, the smell of the Elsan toilets, and Miss distributing acid drops out of a large tin. Now I can't face an acid drop.'

'I very much enjoyed Mary's talk which was very interesting and an unusual subject.'

'It was a really good informative and entertaining talk given by a very engaging speaker.'

'I enjoyed the lecture, very interesting and the drawings were lovely!'

'Mary brought the lecture with enthusiasm and has invested a lot of time in making it so good.'

'..enjoyed the presentation. We both identified with the children in the trenches although a little younger. Thanks to all involved in the arrangements.'


Graham Harrison - Bob Brand - The Banker who wanted to blow up Hitler
A member who joined the Zoom meetings for the first time enjoyed the talk.
Another said -
'Interesting subject'


Our first Zoom Speaker meeting was
Paul Robbins – Great British Eccentrics
We know that some people had trouble with Zoom – mostly sound – and we are trying to help with that.
On the whole people enjoyed the talk and below are some snippets of the comments we received.
'.. thank you to you and your team for organising these Zoom presentations, which are much appreciated, brighten up an otherwise boring afternoon and keeps us in the loop.'

'..thank you for arranging these fabulous treats - so appreciated- it does lift spirits.'

'Helped pass away an hour of lockdown.'

'Very interesting and enjoyable lecture. More talks like that would be welcome. Many thanks to all concerned.'

'I enjoyed the talk and seeing a few faces.'

'I found the talk very entertaining!'

'Well done to all involved and many thanks to the U3A committee for organising it.'

'It was very entertaining and it was good to feel part of something live!'

'A very good and lovely presenter with a good pace to the talk.'

'Shall look forward to the next one. Many thanks for doing it.'

'.. a refreshing change, with some wonderfully un-pc moments!'

'I thought it worked well and congratulations to Hadleigh U3A for initiative.'_

'It was good to have a light-hearted talk to kick off the experiment.'