Exploring London - Past Events

29/07/21VisitAlexandra Palace, the Palace building is currently under repair so was not open. The group met at the front of the Palace outside the BBC Tower from for a tour led by local guide Julian Woodfield. Julian explained the background history of the site, including the chequered early years of Alexandra Palace, the BBC and the birth of television, the Open University, Ally Pally’s role as an internment camp in WW1, Dolly Shepherd - an early daredevil, the ‘secret’ nuclear observation bunker, the boating lake, the newly restored theatre at Ally Pally
29/06/21VisitMarkfield Park Beam Engine Museum, where we were split into 2 groups each with a guide, both Trustees of the museum. Each group were shown the old Victorian steam engine inside and the surrounding area - where old sewage filter beds have been repurposed as a graffiti decorated skate boarding park, a community centre for disabled children and gardens. It gave the group a chance to learn about the history of these old sewage works and to look around the surrounding park which stretches down to canal boats on the River Lea.
26/05/21VisitVictoria Park, where we split up into 2 groups for a guided walk, led by John Finn and Mary Sewell who is a Blue Badge Guide. We followed the route outlined in the very interesting information on the history of Victoria Park, compiled by John Finn.
29/04/21VisitAbney Park Cemetery, our first outdoor socially distanced outing; we split up into groups of 6 or less, exploring the cemetery using the notes on Abney Park provided.
30/03/21ZoomTalk by Anne Hunte: The life of John Passmore Edwards, the Cornish village boy who enabled the building of 17 Free Libraries in the poorer parts of London
16/02/21ZoomTalk by John Finn on The City of London from 1914 to the present day, looking at the changes that happened during the 20th century up until 2020.
26/11/20ZoomTalk by John Finn on Industrial London from the 18th to early 20th century. This included a description of the larger industries practised in the City, in the 19th century such as printing, clothing trades, brewing as well as the wholesale markets at Smithfield, Billingsgate and Leadenhall.
27/10/20ZoomTalk by John Finn on the growth of international trade and Trading Companies in the City of London in the 17th to 19th centuries. This new London was dominated by merchants expanding their trade to ever widening areas of the world. New docks and financial institutions grew in response: insurance, investment companies, banks, the Stock Exchange. Between 1715 and 1901 the population of London grew tenfold!
29/09/20ZoomTalk by John Finn on the Plague and the Great Fire 1665-1666 and its aftermath. The fire destroyed a high proportion of the City inside the walls and even an area beyond the Fleet. London was rebuilt in brick and stone.
29/07/20ZoomTalk by John Finn titled "Exploring Medieval London", covering the domination of religious communities and of the Trade Guilds. Most of the buildings have disappeared, but part of the 12th century St. Bartholomew’s Church still remain in use.
30/06/20ZoomTalk by John Finn on the Roman invasion and development of the Roman City of London. The Romans remained here for 3 centuries and there are still numerous Roman remains
26/02/20VisitVisit to the Fo Guang Shan Temple in Margaret Street, where we had a very interesting tour. This was our last actual in-person visit prior to the Lockdowns