About Us

We are a learning co-operative open to retired or semi-retired people in the Guisborough area. Our members pursue many educational, creative and leisure activities, sharing knowledge, skills and experience to learn from each other and have fun. There is no accreditation or validation, and no assessments or qualifications to be gained. Our approach is “learning for pleasure.”

Activities and Events

We have about 500 members and more than thirty groups that meet regularly in local venues or sometimes in each other’s homes; our popular outings often venture further afield, as do our walking groups. Please visit our Activities and Events pages to sample the very diverse range of activities on offer!

Monthly Meeting

There is a meeting at 2pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the Parish Hall on Bow Street, Guisborough (no charge). Come and meet us, find out more and enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere. Guisborough library also holds a file full of GU3A information.


Join at our Monthly Meeting, at one of our group activities, or download the form via the 'Join our U3A' link in the sidebar. The current (2018) membership fee is £10 or £7 if you can show a current membership card for the same period from another U3A.

Take Part

Members can attend as many groups as they wish. Each group is led by a member of our U3A and the groups reflect the interests and experience of our members. Fees are £1 per session or 50p if there are no room hire costs.

Tell Us

if there is an activity you would like which is not yet on the list. Or help us to run an activity by becoming a Group Co-ordinator yourself.

Registered charity

like all U3As we are a registered charity. Our management committee of Trustees is elected annually at our AGM by our members. We are affiliated to the Third Age Trust national organisation. Click the links on the website to find out more.

charity number 1125829