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We all have talents. How could you use yours to help all of us?

We always need extra people -- as Coordinators, on the Committee, helping to run groups when the leader isn't there, bringing new ideas, meeting new people, washing-up and writing articles for the newsletter, to name only some ways in which people help.

What can YOU do? Maybe a short course of 2 or 3 weeks or a one-off meeting to make something for Christmas? Your Secretary, Activity coordinator and Chair are all coming up for change this year, and next year it will be the turn of the Treasurer. Quite a few groups, such as Art appreciation and Nature walks, need new leaders, as people who have done them for many years step down.

One member described the U3A as being like a bank: "You can take things out regularly but to keep it vibrant you need to put things in now and again." Please don't leave it to someone else but join the helpers!

(Photo by Rod Cuff)