To make an enquiry by telephone please leave a message with our telephone forwarding service 01483 323631 giving your name, a contact number or email address.

Registered Office

The Black Cottage
Ms. Sonia Ashworth, Secretary
Newlands Corner
Guildford GU4 8SE
Email Secretary

Membership Secretary
Sue Watson
12 Mandeville Close
Guildford GU2 9YA
Email Membership Secretary
Queries about membership or membership cards should be sent to the Membership Secretary

Newsletter Editor
Margaret Morgan
Email Newsletter Editor


The full prospectus for the current year giving more details of our activities can be obtained by clicking the link on the Downloads page or telephoning or emailing the Secretary, or the Membership Secretary. This website contains all the course and visit dates and details and is frequently updated.

Michael Brooks Email Treasurer

Roger Philo Webmaster

Monthly Meetings
Jennifer Margrave Email Meetings

Trips and Outings
Ann Elms Email107
Jackie Ring Email107a

Concert Visits
Iris Hawkins Email106

Social Anthropology Visits
Sheila Darzi Email203

Contact Information for Groups

Please contact individual group leaders, their name and phone numbers can be found on the group web pages and in the prospectus. Some leaders have an email link on the group page.

There are more contact details on our Programme Planning Committee page.