The Executive Committee is as follows:

Ian DaishChair & Media Sub-Committee Chair
Alan ChubbVice Chair
Garry WadeTreasurer
Judy DykeDeputy Treasurer
Peter LangfordTreasurer Designate
Sue KnowlesSecretary
Gill Slimm Membership Secretary & Social & Speakers Sub-Committee Joint Chair
Kathy CorbinSocial & Speakers Sub-Committee Joint Chair
Di Tooley Social Sub-Committee
Jane Pearson Interest Group Coordinator

Other Sub Committee (S-C) Members

Margeret LemonInterest Groups Co-ordination Sub Committee
Lesley MorrisInterest Groups Co-ordination Sub Committee
Mary Brogan Interest Groups Co-ordination Sub Committee
Caroline DaveyMedia Sub-Committee
Jenny DunningMedia Sub-Committee
Carole EllistonMedia Sub-Committee
Kathryn Evans Social Sub-Committee
Pat Le LacheurSpeaker Events Team
Mary ThompsonSocial Sub Committee
Judy Wade Social Sub Committee
Gavin RydeWebmaster and Media Sub Committee
Karen Winter Beacon Membership System Support

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