How we started

The Ukulele group was the 'raison d'ĂȘtre' for U3A in Guernsey. Sue Knowles was keen to start up a Ukulele group but was struggling to find like-minded people to play. A friend suggested contacting U3A to see if they had a group but, as there was not a U3A in Guernsey, that had to be sorted out first!

In October, 2015, an initial meeting was arranged to try to gauge interest in the hope that there would be 20 or so people happy to join U3A. The Vale Douzaine Room was filled to capacity, a Steering Committee was formed to take matters forward and a second meeting was held in late October at the Grammar School when people were able to subscribe to Guernsey U3A. Once again, we were overwhelmed with the response and, by the end of the afternoon, Guernsey U3A had enlisted members and convenors were in place to lead groups in subjects from Bridge to Yoga.

This has been a steep learning curve for all of us but the committee, the convenors and, most importantly, members seem to be living up to the U3A motto of Learn, Laugh and Live .