Joan's Poem

To know I'll no longer be on my own
Waiting for someone to text or to 'phone
To meet with a 'person' and have a long talk
To have someone beside me when I go for a walk

To have my hair cut and have it re-styled
It's grown long and lanky and looks rather wild
To do my own shopping, now that will be bliss
No more ‘they'd not got what you wanted
So I've brought along this'

To be able to touch someone by me without having the fear
That I'm not socially distant I'm standing too near
To meet up with friends for coffee or tea
To sit on a seat and just watch the sea

To meet with my family all in the UK
To have a real, not a virtual hug every day
But the biggest joy that will make my heart swell
Is that we all got through it, we're alive and we're well.