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All Groups have their own page which contain information & updates for their members Links via the Groups tab

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Quiz Group Questions - Downloadable 2020

Download U3A Online Quiz Questions - July 2020. Hopefully this will help you pass a few minutes of your day.

Only for your amusement, so no need to return your completed paper – U3A Online Quiz - Q & Answers -July 2020.

Alan Spencer Quiz Group Leader.

For those of you who didn't attempt the March & 1st April Quizzes - download the:-

U3A March Quiz Questions and U3A Quiz Qs & As - March 2020

U3A Quiz Questions - April 2020 and U3A Online Quiz - Q & Answers April 2020

U3A Quiz Questions - 28th April and U3A Quiz Q & Answers 28th April 2020

U3A Quiz Questions May 2020 and U3A Quiz Q & Answers May 2020.

U3A Quiz Questions June 2020 and U3A Quiz Q & Answers June 2020.

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I have made a number of video calls with friends doing the quiz as a group, marking it as though we were attending the session. Its good fun. You could also each answer your own sheets and compare marks. I have attached a guide on using WhatsApp to video call WhatsApp Video Guide, which includes guidance on creating a WhatsApp group. This is a quick and easy method for messaging or video calls. FaceTime also works well but you need a later model for group video calls. Messenger is good, its set up similar to WhatsApp. Give video calling a try if you haven't yet, it makes you feel a little less isolated.

%Wendy Styles%

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Greysnet, the online magazine for older people

Greysnet is seeking to expand its pool of writers. They are looking for regular contributors who are interested in submitting articles on a variety of subjects including:-

  • Gardening
  • Travel
  • Book Reviews
  • Television Reviews
  • Film Reviews
  • Hobbies - of every variety!
  • Health matters
  • Food and Drink - both reviews and recipes
  • How To Guides
  • General Interest

The list above is not exhaustive and they are always keen to receive articles on any subject. If it’s a subject you are interested in then it’s likely that others will be interested in it too!

Most Greysnet articles are between 500 and 1500 words in length. It’s a good idea to read some of the other articles to get a flavour for the sort of martial they publish before submitting.

Greysnet is a non-profit organisation and as such they cannot afford to pay for articles but you will have the satisfaction of seeing your words in print, not to mention entertaining and informing thousands of readers all over the country.

If you are interested in becoming a Greysnet contributor send them an email to telling them a little bit about yourself and including a sample article. They’ll get back to everyone who submits as quickly as possible.

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Writers Against Covid-19 project

Louise Moss is a U3A member, and like many, is among the group that was asked by the government to stay at home for several months. She lives alone and within days, felt depressed, lonely and cut off from society, so she started WAC-19. It is an initiative to help all those feeling isolated at this time, and who may be separated from family and friends. Each day, a new short story is published on the website, selected to bring a smile to the face and lift the spirits.

Top stories this week are:-
A New Chapter: Ralph contemplates a fresh start
Pomegranate: An evocative story about a cat that came to stay
No Time for Tea: A true story, the spirit of the Blitz

The project is gathering pace. Gyles Brandreth has mentioned the website in his Twitter feed and listeners in Devon, Berkshire and Wiltshire recently heard me talking about the project on local radio.
If any of our members wish to contribute a story, the stories and guidelines are on the Writers Against Covid-19 website

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Poetry Generation

Ellie Levenson is a journalist and author, and a couple of weeks ago she set up a project called Poetry Generation after her four year old son asked her mum to record a video of herself reading the poem he likes her to read him, so he could watch it at home given they cannot see each other due to coronavirus isolation.

Every day Ellie uploads a video of an older person in coronavirus isolation reading a poem - her mum reading Ellie’s songs favourite was the first one. The idea is to keep older people visible in a positive light as well as create a free library of poetry for all to enjoy.

Here is the website link - Poetry Generation website

They are also on Twitter (@poetryg2020) and Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube (@poetrygeneration)

Most of the contributors are normal people but we have also had a few celebrities - Sir Tony Robinson read one this week and before him we had the poets Ruth Padel and Bernard O'Donoghue.

Ellie is actively seeking new submissions and asked us to present this to our members in case it is something to which you or your partner, relatives or friends might be interested in contributing. All of the submission guidelines can be found via this link Poetry Generation

Many thanks in advance, Ellie Levenson

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Following the Government and NHS announcements, the Third Age Trust has created a dedicated page on the national website to keep you up to date with the latest guidance and advice - both general and specific to U3A.

Please follow the link - U3A Covid-19 update link

Living History in Unprecedented Times

U3A members are being asked to help craft a shared learning project where they create living history of this extraordinary time.

The project will look for personal thoughts, ideas and reflections on how this feels to you and what you are doing to deal with it. Members may want to keep an electronic diary or to find a little note-book which you can have close at hand to scribble down thoughts as they come.

We are asking people to write up anything they think relevant to having to be at home and your thoughts and reactions. You may wish to write something each day for example, or once a week or simply when something of note happens. You may read an article, book or see a programme which triggers some ideas or thoughts.

We are also looking for ideas and reflections on how you are keeping your interests going if you are online and if you have access on your television, radio or via the internet.

It's also pretty important to think of good things that happen so in the journal make an effort every day to list five things that gave you pleasure however small.

We will be expanding our support of this project in the coming days including suggested questions that you could ask yourself to help structure your thoughts.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to be contact points to offer support and advice.

If you want take part - please keep in touch with us. At the moment share your ideas at but in the next few days we will have a dedicated email address for this living history project. So keep checking the website and national newsletter.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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New Members Meeting - cancelled

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Gt Yarmouth U3A Living Memories Book

Richard Carver and his team are now in the process of compiling and producing the book - many thanks to those who contributed


This page takes its lead from members who wish to share information about events and opportunities that they feel will be of interest to fellow members.

Note: Events or opportunities listed below are sometimes not organised by U3A and therefore are not risk assessed.

Should you wish to add an event or information, this is done via the Members Page email with details including YOUR NAME, date(s), time(s) and cost where applicable

Equally, if you have any suggestions for additions or changes to our website, please email Wendy Styles via Technical Web Support

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What3Word Location identifier App

used by the Emergency Services, family or friends to locate you in times of need!

Emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time day or night and often in unfamiliar places. This can make describing your location very difficult if you need to call 999. Having a precise location can help emergency services find you much faster, and the what3words app is a way for you to describe your location, accurate to 3x3m square, using just 3 words. These 3 words can then be shared with and used by emergency services, to find you, or someone else, easily. You can quickly find the words using the what3words free app

Download the what3words app explanation document for more details.

Example: Christchurch front location = bubble.gallons.fled

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The Great Yarmouth U3A Annual Lunch was a great success. Once again the Imperial Hotel did us proud

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We have been asked to help with some research projects.

Does anyone remember the Little Theatre in Yarmouth? A short written piece about it and some old photos are required.

Past present and future of Orchards in East Anglia is also being studied. The team are looking for some volunteers to be involved with Oral History interviews.

Thirdly The History of Your High Street Memories of what has happened to some of the shops. The Genealogy group is doing the Market Place)

For more details download CARY ELLISON PROJECT

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Download the Day Trip Suggestions guidance document and email your ideas to General enquiry

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Ukulele Group at Imperial Hotel