Great Glen

Resources to borrow

National Office Resources
Resources can be borrowed from the National Office.


Internet connection
The broadband connection in the School Room, Methodist Church can be used by anyone. The wifi password is on the front of the router (inside the white cupboard high up in the corner).

The u3a has equipment for use by members:

Stored in the Methodist Church

  • Tables -Large folding, also tool to dismantle folding table (in Storage room).
  • Small tables stored in a cupboard in the School Room.
  • Safety Mats stored in the kitchen.Safety mat

Stored at members homes

ItemProjectorSound system usedSound system used by
....for monthly meetingMusic with Good Company
Email to borrowPapercraft Chairman Music

Stored by the webmaster

  • Loan laptop computers, using Windows 10. To borrow email webmaster

Zoom Licences
zoom logoWe have two Pro Zoom licences which any group may use. Ask the webmaster for access.

Loans to community groups
We have made short-term loan of our equipment to other community groups in Great Glen. Requests should be E-mailled to the Chairman