GRANTHAM U3A Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedure

Policy Statement

Grantham U3A recognises that some older people are potentially at risk of abuse and neglect. Abuse and neglect can take place in a person’s own home, in the home of a carer, family member or friend, in a place where care is provided.

Grantham U3A also recognises that abuse and neglect can be perpetrated by staff of institutions, volunteers, other users of services, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Grantham U3A acknowledges that the reasons for abuse and neglect occurring are not fully understood and vary with each incident, often dependant on risk factors. They can include poor quality long-term relationships, poor coping strategies, mental health issues, isolation, dependency and co-dependency as well as inadequate staff development, support and supervision.

Grantham U3A will neither condone nor tolerate any form of abuse or neglect and believes that all people should be able and, where necessary, enabled to live in an environment which is safe from abuse and neglect.

In all situations, Grantham U3A believes that everyone is entitled to:
be treated with dignity and respect
lead an independent life and to be enabled to do so
choose how they live their lives
the protection of the law
have their human and civil rights upheld regardless of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, impairment or disability, age, religious or cultural background.

Where abuse or neglect is suspected, Grantham U3A will aim to respond to the situation in a way which is caring, effective, enabling, influencing and innovative.

It is not appropriate for Grantham U3A to take the lead role in any Safeguarding Enquiry under Section 42 of the Care Act 2014, but will refer this to the local authority

Grantham U3A recognises that good safeguarding adult practice is predicated on good practice; [ See Appendix 5]

Reviewed June 2019

If you have any concerns your group leader has a full copy.
Safeguarding issues -- Any issues can be discussed personally with Pam Down who has taken on the responsibility of Pastoral Care. To make contact send an email via the Contact button above to the Webmaster.