We are all keen to get back to running our groups and meetings as normal, or at least as normal as is possible. Your committee is working to make this happen however no Grantham U3A group should restart until a risk assessment (RA) has been completed. In the first instance contact the Groups Co-ordinator (; a committee member will then be allocated to guide you through the process if you need help.

Some groups have already produced an RA but for some of those who haven’t we have produced simplified Risk Assessment Templates. These relate to groups meeting in private homes and non-sporting groups meeting on third party premises. Sports groups and those involved in outdoor activities will need to use the Third Age Trust u3a templates

Here are links to the key documents:

For the national templates go to the TAT Risk Assessment Templates page.

This is not intended to stop activities from taking place, it is to enable activities to take place safely.

Our Risk Assessment Policy has recently been updated to reflect the government’s revised Coronavirus guidelines and is available here GU3A Risk Assessment Policy. As part of our duty of care to our members, we are strongly advising all Group Leaders to produce an RA which should include all hazards/risks, not only those related to Covid-19, as appropriate to the venue/activity.
If you already have an RA checklist in place, please review it and, where necessary, update it (including a date when it was revised/updated). If not, please download the appropriate template from this page.

If you find yourself struggling with this please, let the Groups Co-ordinator know and a committee member will support you. We have a number of already completed RAs which might give you a guide.
Once your RA is completed or been revised, please send it to the Groups Co-ordinator who will inform the Secretary in order to keep our Risk Register up-to-date. Please do not restart your group until a risk assessment is in place.