Goudhurst & District


AGM Agenda 2019 now published.

March 2019
Petanque Group now up and running, see the group page for details.

The Goudhurst U3A AGM is coming up on 15th May.
You can download or print the Notice of AGM, Nomination form and Motions form from the links to the right.

Piano recital at St Mary's Church Lamberhurst on 10th May.. See Whats On page for a link to the poster.

There is now a link on the Welcome page to the last Goudhurst U3A committee meeting minutes.

Sevenoaks Science Seminar. June 5th. See Whats On for a link to the poster.

Coach trip to Walmer Castle on 11th June, see Whats On page for a link to the poster.

The Bridge group will be trialling Duplicate Bridge in March.

The Croquet group will be playing again from 5th March.

In March the Science group will be reviewing developments in the understanding of the Oceans, The Photography group will be comparing notes on image editing, particularly Photoshop elements.

The Photography Group took some images of Goudhurst last month. The main picture was taken by Lynne Gane. Others by Ian Agnew and Wil Pretty have been used elsewhere on the site to refresh our images.

New Group started - Current Affaires. Members each raise a current issue in turn and the others all give their views.
Contact Wil Pretty to register an interest.

2019 Program for the Art Appreciation Group.
18 January 2019 - J M W Turner, presentation by Viv
15 February 2019 - Van Eyck and the Arnolfini Portrait (the Girl in the Green Dress) presentation by Jenny D
15 March - Toulouse Lautrec "The Full Story" - film on DVD by Waldemar Januszczak
19 April - Sickert vs Sargent, film on DVD by Waldemar Januszczak
17 May - Georges Seurat, "Point Counterpoint, The Life and Work" - film on DVD by Ann Turner
21 June - Sir Kyffin Williams (the defining artist of Wales during 20th century), presentation by Viv

South East U3A Forum Conference to be held at East Grinstead on 3rd April 2019
U3A Summer School being held at Chichester University on 24th to 27th June.
These are open for any member to attend.
See What's On page for links to more details and application form.

The Craft and Conversation group has started meeting twice a month.

Sailing - Wil Pretty wil be arranging some trips out in the Medway Estuary in the summer on his Catamaran - Spice Cat. This will be tide and weather dependent. You will need to be relatively agile as to board involves climbing down a ladder. Wil + 3 persons per trip. Contact Wil Pretty to register an interest.

Why did I join the U3A? - Bob Alden-Smith

Bob Alden-Smith I first noticed Goudhurst & District University of the Third Age was holding an inaugural meeting in the Village Hall a couple of years ago and my immediate reaction was that I did not feel able to cope with a university and all that the name implied.
However, having had further thoughts, together with the fact of advancing years and the loss of a few lifetime friends, I realised I was starting to live quite a narrow existence and wondered how to meet people of a similar age at this stage in life. I loved spending time in my garden, but was missing the company of my contemporaries.
I decided, with a little trepidation, to attend the Goudhurst meeting. That day is now firmly fixed in my memory and my life has certainly changed for the better.
I am of a slightly shy nature and, when attending the meeting, spent a little time walking around reading the notice boards, not asking any questions. A charming lady, noticing my dilemma, came up to me and explained the purpose of the U3A. There was no pressure to join there and then but, by the time I arrived home, I had decided to “give it a go” and the Psychology Group seemed an appealing subject to start with.
U3A is not connected to any university, but is a very enjoyable opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and think new thoughts.
At the first meeting of the Psychology Group, with 8 or 10 people, I immediately felt at ease. We listened to a recorded lecture for about half an hour and then spent another hour discussing our thoughts in a relaxed manner over coffee. As each lecture built on the previous one, by the end of the course we had learnt a lot and made some very good friends. I have since joined the Table Tennis Group as well, meeting once a fortnight in the late afternoon, again with a small number of people. We have great fun with plenty of laughs.
The Goudhurst & District U3A is a very friendly group with many small activity groups within it. It is possible to find an interest that you might not have particularly thought about before. Group meetings are all held at various times during the month, either morning, afternoon or evening, some weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly. There is a variety of subjects which can be found on our website. Should any of them appeal, you can contact the group leader by clicking on the link indicated.
Our monthly meetings, held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Goudhurst Village Hall, have been a great success with speakers giving talks on a variety of topics. After the talk there is a chance to chat to other members and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits.
Our local U3A is organised by a committee of volunteers, together with a band of helpers, who willingly give their time for your enjoyment.
Come and attend one of our monthly meetings and find out what you might be missing!