Summer 2020 Programme

We may not all be there together, but there's plenty to be done!

Monday 29th June - FOCUS - Fruit thinning/pears.....plant out French/Kenyan(dwarf) beans
Monday 13th July - FOCUS - Harvest Gooseberries.....plant out cabbages in tunnels
Monday 27th July - FOCUS - Runners/strawberries.....fill spaces-chard, broccoli, etc
Monday 10th Aug. - FOCUS - Prune gooseberry bushes.....prune pear by 1/3 growth
Monday 24th Aug. - FOCUS - Check raspberries/cut back old + tie in new canes, if fruiting finished

TASKS AT ALL TIMES - watering/weeding/hoeing/grass cutting/tying-in/harvesting...….