Gloucester & District


Committee Meetings
These are held on the first Tuesday each month at 1.30pm at the Gloucester Guildhall in the George Hunt Room.

Monthly Meetings
These are held on the 4th Monday each month, with the talk starting at 2.15pm in Brunswick Baptist Church on Southgate Street - this venue is available from 1.15pm so that members can socialise before the meeting begins. This event is open to all members.

When the 4th Monday is a Bank Holiday, the meeting is held on the third Monday or the fifth Monday as appropriate'.

Annual General Meeting will be held in the Guildhall, Eastgate Street.

"Subs & Clubs" meeting is when as many Group Leaders attend to present their activities and to speak to the members who attend to encourage and/or invite new members to join.
This meeting is also when new membership cards can be picked up (if already paid in advance) and the payment of new or renewal of memberships.
This meeting is also held at the Guildhall, Eastgate Street. This event is open to all members.

Dates for your Diary
August 2019
Wed Aug 21stBridgeUsual Session
Thu Aug 22ndArtUsual Session
Thu Aug 22ndBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Aug 23rdChoirSummer Break
Fri Aug 23rdTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Aug 23rdElectronicsDriving practice!!
Mon Aug 26thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Aug 26thFrench (Improvers)Summer Break
Mon Aug 26thGerman (Improvers)BANK HOLIDAY
Mon Aug 26thFolk BandBank Holiday (no meeting)
Mon Aug 26thBridge ImproversBANK HOLIDAY - Usual Session
Tue Aug 27thGerman (Intermediate)Summer Break
Tue Aug 27thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNSummer Break
Tue Aug 27thScrabbleUsual Session
Wed Aug 28thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Aug 28thWalkers (Wednesdays)Usual Session
Wed Aug 28thFrench (Conversation)Summer Break
Wed Aug 28thTen Pin BowlingSummer Break
Thu Aug 29thArtUsual Session
Thu Aug 29thTheatreJoseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - Everyman, Cheltenham
Thu Aug 29thPlay Reading 2Summer Break
Thu Aug 29thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Aug 30thChoirSummer Break
Fri Aug 30thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Aug 30thUnderstanding ArtUsual Session
September 2019
Mon Sep 2ndBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Sep 2ndWalkers (Mondays)Usual Session
Mon Sep 2ndMah JongUsual Session
Mon Sep 2ndFolk BandTAF resumes @ Lonsdale Rd (TM & HC lead; prep for Chit-Chat)
Mon Sep 2ndBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Sep 3rdChessUsual Session
Tue Sep 3rdTalking of BooksUsual Session
Wed Sep 4thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Sep 4thHorticulture"Cathedral Landscaping" with Anne Cranston
Wed Sep 4thPiano DuetsUsual Session
Thu Sep 5thArtUsual Session
Thu Sep 5thCryptic CrosswordsUsual Session
Thu Sep 5thCircle DancingPlease note that Circle Dance will also be on 19/09/19 and then continue on the first and third Thursday of the month
Thu Sep 5thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Sep 5thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Sep 6thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Sep 6thHistory of ScienceNew Session - History of Chemistry in the second half of 2019 through the lives of more eccentric scientists. From Chemistry via the Periodic Table I shall move on to Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Mon Sep 9thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Sep 9thHumourSuspended until further notice
Mon Sep 9thCrime Book ClubUsual Session
Mon Sep 9thFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Sep 9thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Sep 9thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Sep 9thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Sep 9thFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (TM & HC lead; prep for Chit-Chat)
Mon Sep 9thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Mon Sep 9thSinging TogetherUsual Session
Tue Sep 10thMeetingCommittee Meeting
Tue Sep 10thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Sep 10thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Sep 10thEnjoying MusicUsual Session
Tue Sep 10thScrabbleUsual Session
Tue Sep 10thWalking FootballUsual Session
Wed Sep 11thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Sep 11thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Sep 11thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Sep 12thArchaeologyVisit to Hereford Cathedral and Westons Cider Mill
Thu Sep 12thArtUsual Session
Thu Sep 12thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Sep 13thChoirUsual Session
Fri Sep 13thTable TennisUsual Session
Sun Sep 15thLunching with FriendsThe Fountain Inn, 53 Westgate Street, GL1 2NW
Mon Sep 16thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Sep 16thMah JongUsual Session
Mon Sep 16thFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (SM back; prep for Chit-Chat)
Mon Sep 16thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Sep 17thChessUsual Session
Tue Sep 17thBook Club 2Usual Session
Tue Sep 17thWalking FootballUsual Session
Tue Sep 17thCraftUsual Session
Tue Sep 17thWine and EventsVisit to Woodchester Valley Vineyard, followed by lunch at Egypt Mills
Tue Sep 17thFamily History10.00am and 2.00pm
Wed Sep 18thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Sep 18thTravelHebridean Islands by Phil Mugridge
Thu Sep 19thArtUsual Session
Thu Sep 19thComputer DiscussionEnded - No Meeting
Thu Sep 19thCircle DancingWe now meet on the 3rd Thursday, as well as the 1st.
Thu Sep 19thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Sep 19thFolk BandGig @ Chit-Chat Quedgeley, am
Thu Sep 19thSteam RailwaysTrip to National Railway Museum at York. Updates can be found on CURRENT NEWS Tab
Thu Sep 19thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Sep 19thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Sep 20thWalkers (Fridays)Usual Session
Fri Sep 20thChoirUsual Session
Fri Sep 20thTable TennisUsual Session
Mon Sep 23rdMeeting"Our Heritage of Song", Robin Burton.
Mon Sep 23rdBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Sep 23rdFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Sep 23rdFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Sep 23rdGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Sep 23rdRecordersUsual Session
Mon Sep 23rdFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (prep for Apple Day)
Mon Sep 23rdBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Sep 24thLocal HistoryArchival Film from the year 2000 - Gloucester Film Makers, making films for 57 years, recording local events far and wide.
Tue Sep 24thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Sep 24thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Sep 24thScrabbleUsual Session
Tue Sep 24thPlay Reading 1Usual Session
Tue Sep 24thWalking FootballUsual Session
Wed Sep 25thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Sep 25thWalkers (Wednesdays)Usual Session
Wed Sep 25thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Sep 25thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Sep 26thArtUsual Session
Thu Sep 26thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Sep 26thFolk BandGig @ retirement complex in Hardwicke, 2.30-4.00
Thu Sep 26thPlay Reading 2Usual Session
Thu Sep 26thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Sep 27thChoirUsual Session
Fri Sep 27thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Sep 27thElectronicsLast minute adjustments, before Challenge Event 3/10/19
Fri Sep 27thUnderstanding ArtUsual Session
Mon Sep 30thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Sep 30thFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (prep for Apple Day)
Mon Sep 30thBridge ImproversUsual Session
October 2019
Tue Oct 1stMeetingCommittee Meeting
Tue Oct 1stChessUsual Session
Tue Oct 1stTalking of BooksUsual Session
Wed Oct 2ndBridgeUsual Session
Wed Oct 2ndHorticulture"Ned and Bumps" with James Cooper
Wed Oct 2ndPiano DuetsUsual Session
Thu Oct 3rdWorkshopU3A National Robot Challenge. Inaugural event hosted by Cannock Chase U3A. Visit Electronics Group page to find further information.
Thu Oct 3rdArtUsual Session
Thu Oct 3rdCryptic CrosswordsUsual Session
Thu Oct 3rdCircle Dancing1st Thursday
Thu Oct 3rdBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Oct 3rdTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Oct 4thChoirUsual Session
Fri Oct 4thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Oct 4thHistory of ScienceUsual Session
Mon Oct 7thBadmintonUsual session
Mon Oct 7thWalkers (Mondays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Mon Oct 7thFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Oct 7thMah JongUsual Session
Mon Oct 7thFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (prep for Apple Day)
Mon Oct 7thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Oct 8thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Oct 8thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Oct 8thEnjoying MusicUsual Session
Tue Oct 8thScrabbleUsual Session
Wed Oct 9thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Oct 9thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Oct 9thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Oct 10thArtUsual Session
Thu Oct 10thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Oct 10thSteam Railways2.30pm - Guildhall. Talk by volunteer from the Vale of Berkeley Heritage Railway re: progress made in re-opening the heritage line at Sharpness
Thu Oct 10thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Oct 11thChoirUsual Session
Fri Oct 11thTable TennisUsual Session
Mon Oct 14thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Oct 14thHumourSuspended until further notice
Mon Oct 14thCrime Book ClubUsual Session
Mon Oct 14thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Oct 14thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Oct 14thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Oct 14thFolk BandSession @ Lonsdale Rd (prep for Apple Day)
Mon Oct 14thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Oct 15thChessUsual Session
Tue Oct 15thBook Club 2Usual Session
Tue Oct 15thCraftUsual Session
Tue Oct 15thFamily History10.00am and 2.00pm
Wed Oct 16thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Oct 16thTravelFar from the Tubub Trail by Lynda Thompson
Thu Oct 17thArtUsual Session
Thu Oct 17thCircle Dancing3rd Thursday
Thu Oct 17thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Oct 18thWalkers (Fridays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Fri Oct 18thChoirUsual Session
Fri Oct 18thTable TennisUsual Session
Sat Oct 19thFolk BandApple Day @ "Folk of Gloucester" Museum (c10.30-2.00)
Sun Oct 20thLunching with FriendsBrickhampton, Cheltenham Road E, Churchdown, GL2 9QF
Mon Oct 21stBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Oct 21stFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Oct 21stMah JongUsual Session
Mon Oct 21stRecordersUsual Session
Mon Oct 21stFolk BandHarp Workshop (see link, top right of page)
Mon Oct 21stBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Oct 22ndGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Oct 22ndBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Oct 22ndScrabbleUsual Session
Tue Oct 22ndPlay Reading 1Usual Session
Wed Oct 23rdBridgeUsual Session
Wed Oct 23rdWalkers (Wednesdays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Wed Oct 23rdFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Oct 23rdTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Oct 24thArtUsual Session
Thu Oct 24thTheatrePeter Pan Goes Wrong - Everyman, Cheltenham
Thu Oct 24thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Oct 24thPlay Reading 2Usual Session
Thu Oct 24thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Oct 25thChoirUsual Session
Fri Oct 25thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Oct 25thElectronicsUsual Session
Fri Oct 25thUnderstanding ArtUsual Session
Mon Oct 28thMeeting"The Abbeyfield Gloucester Society", Michael Beacon.
Mon Oct 28thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Oct 28thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Oct 28thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Oct 28thFolk BandGig @ Richmond Painswick Retirement Village
Mon Oct 28thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Oct 29thLocal HistoryA history of Fielding and Platt, one of Gloucester's leading firms - Dr Stephen Mills
Tue Oct 29thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Wed Oct 30thBridgeUsual Session
Thu Oct 31stArtUsual Session
Thu Oct 31stBridge: EveningUsual Session
November 2019
Fri Nov 1stTable TennisUsual Session
Mon Nov 4thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Nov 4thWalkers (Mondays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Mon Nov 4thFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Nov 4thMah JongUsual Session
Mon Nov 4thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Nov 4thFolk BandBishop's Cleeve return match (Lonsdale Rd)
Mon Nov 4thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Nov 5thMeetingCommittee Meeting
Tue Nov 5thChessUsual Session
Tue Nov 5thTalking of BooksUsual Session
Wed Nov 6thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Nov 6thHorticulture"All year round garden" with Frank Hardy
Wed Nov 6thPiano DuetsUsual Session
Thu Nov 7thArtUsual Session
Thu Nov 7thCryptic CrosswordsUsual Session
Thu Nov 7thCircle Dancing1st Thursday
Thu Nov 7thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Nov 7thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Nov 8thChoirUsual Session
Fri Nov 8thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Nov 8thHistory of ScienceUsual Session
Mon Nov 11thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Nov 11thHumourSuspended until further notice
Mon Nov 11thCrime Book ClubUsual Session
Mon Nov 11thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Nov 11thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Nov 11thFolk Bandsession @ Lonsdale Rd (Christmas Programme)
Mon Nov 11thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Nov 12thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Nov 12thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Nov 12thEnjoying MusicUsual Session
Tue Nov 12thEnjoying MusicUsual Session
Tue Nov 12thScrabbleUsual Session
Wed Nov 13thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Nov 13thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Nov 13thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Wed Nov 13thTheatreTen Times Table - Malvern
Thu Nov 14thArtUsual Session
Thu Nov 14thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Nov 14thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Nov 15thWalkers (Fridays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Fri Nov 15thChoirUsual Session
Fri Nov 15thTable TennisUsual Session
Sun Nov 17thLunching with FriendsThe Tall Ship, 134 Southgate Street, GL1 2EX
Mon Nov 18thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Nov 18thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Nov 18thFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Nov 18thMah JongUsual Session
Mon Nov 18thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Nov 18thFolk Bandsession @ Lonsdale Rd (Christmas Programme)
Mon Nov 18thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Nov 19thChessUsual Session
Tue Nov 19thBook Club 2Usual Session
Tue Nov 19thCraftUsual Session
Tue Nov 19thFamily History10.00am and 2.00pm
Wed Nov 20thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Nov 20thTravelWinter Social - Guildhall
Thu Nov 21stArtUsual Session
Thu Nov 21stCircle Dancing3rd Thursday
Thu Nov 21stBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Nov 21stTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Nov 22ndChoirUsual Session
Fri Nov 22ndRecordersEvening - Christmas music at English Martyrs RC Church, Tuffley, Gloucester
Fri Nov 22ndTable TennisUsual Session
Sat Nov 23rdFolk BandChristmas Fayre, Quedgeley
Mon Nov 25thMeeting"Tudor Bishops of Worcester - Saints, Sinners, Heretics & Refugees", Philip Bowen.
Mon Nov 25thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Nov 25thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Nov 25thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Nov 25thFolk Bandsession @ Lonsdale Rd (Christmas Programme)
Mon Nov 25thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Nov 26thLocal HistoryA History of Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Gloucestershire (celebrating 30 years of Nature in Art) - Simon Trapnell
Tue Nov 26thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Nov 26thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Nov 26thScrabbleUsual Session
Tue Nov 26thPlay Reading 1Usual Session
Wed Nov 27thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Nov 27thWalkers (Wednesdays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Wed Nov 27thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Nov 27thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Nov 28thArtUsual Session
Thu Nov 28thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Nov 28thPlay Reading 2Usual Session
Thu Nov 28thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Nov 29thChoirUsual Session
Fri Nov 29thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Nov 29thElectronicsUsual Session
Fri Nov 29thUnderstanding ArtUsual Session
December 2019
Mon Dec 2ndBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Dec 2ndWalkers (Mondays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Mon Dec 2ndFolk DancingUsual Session
Mon Dec 2ndMah JongUsual Session
Mon Dec 2ndRecordersUsual Session
Mon Dec 2ndFolk Bandpossible gig?? / session @ Lonsdale Rd (Christmas Programme)
Mon Dec 2ndBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Dec 3rdMeetingCommittee Meeting
Tue Dec 3rdChessUsual Session
Tue Dec 3rdTalking of BooksUsual Session
Wed Dec 4thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Dec 4thHorticulture"Gardening for Wildlife" with Helen Mugridge
Wed Dec 4thPiano DuetsUsual Session
Thu Dec 5thArtUsual Session
Thu Dec 5thCryptic CrosswordsUsual Session
Thu Dec 5thCircle Dancing1st Thursday
Thu Dec 5thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Dec 5thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Dec 6thChoirMeeting at St. Mary de Crypt
Fri Dec 6thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Dec 6thHistory of ScienceUsual Session
Mon Dec 9thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Dec 9thHumourSuspended until further notice
Mon Dec 9thCrime Book ClubUsual Session
Mon Dec 9thFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Dec 9thGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Dec 9thFolk Bandpossible gig?? / session @ Lonsdale Rd (Christmas Programme)
Mon Dec 9thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Dec 10thGerman (Intermediate)Usual Session
Tue Dec 10thChoirCHRISTMAS CONCERT at St. Mary de Crypt
Tue Dec 10thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNUsual Session
Tue Dec 10thScrabbleUsual Session
Wed Dec 11thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Dec 11thFrench (Conversation)Usual Session
Wed Dec 11thTen Pin BowlingUsual Session
Thu Dec 12thArtUsual Session
Thu Dec 12thItalian 1, ConversationUsual Session
Thu Dec 12thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Fri Dec 13thTable TennisUsual Session
Mon Dec 16thMeeting"Gurkha Welfare Trust presentation", Brigadier Jackman.
Mon Dec 16thBadmintonUsual Session
Mon Dec 16thFolk DancingUsual Session (Xmas Party Dance)
Mon Dec 16thMah JongUsual Session
Mon Dec 16thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Dec 16thFolk BandGuild House 2.00
Mon Dec 16thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Dec 17thChessUsual Session
Tue Dec 17thBook Club 2Usual Session
Tue Dec 17thCraftUsual Session
Tue Dec 17thFamily History10.00am and 2.00pm
Wed Dec 18thBridgeUsual Session
Wed Dec 18thTravelChristmas Break
Thu Dec 19thCircle Dancing3rd Thursday. Merry Christmas.
Thu Dec 19thBridge: EveningUsual Session
Thu Dec 19thTable Tennis: BeginnersUsual Session
Fri Dec 20thWalkers (Fridays)Details - Please use CURRENT NEWS Tab
Fri Dec 20thTable TennisUsual Session
Mon Dec 23rdFrench (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Dec 23rdGerman (Improvers)Usual Session
Mon Dec 23rdFolk Band-- Christmas break --
Mon Dec 23rdBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Dec 24thGerman (Intermediate)Christmas Holiday
Tue Dec 24thBELLYBOLLYHULA and FUNChristmas Break
Tue Dec 24thScrabbleChristmas Break
Tue Dec 24thPlay Reading 1Christmas Break
Wed Dec 25thBridgeChristmas Break
Wed Dec 25thWalkers (Wednesdays)No Walk - Christmas Break
Wed Dec 25thFrench (Conversation)Christmas Holiday
Wed Dec 25thTen Pin BowlingChristmas Break
Thu Dec 26thItalian 1, ConversationChristmas Break
Thu Dec 26thPlay Reading 2Christmas Break
Thu Dec 26thBridge: EveningChristmas Break
Fri Dec 27thTable TennisUsual Session
Fri Dec 27thUnderstanding ArtChristmas Break
Mon Dec 30thFolk Band-- Christmas break --
Mon Dec 30thBridge ImproversUsual Session
Tue Dec 31stLocal HistoryChristmas Break
January 2020
Mon Jan 6thRecordersUsual Session
Mon Jan 6thFolk Band-- Christmas break --
Wed Jan 8thHorticultureParty at Longford Village Hall
Mon Jan 13thFolk BandTAF resumes
Wed Jan 15thTravelPeru Land of the Incas by Ray Sturdy
Mon Jan 27thMeeting"Solo walk across Africa", Fran Sandham.
Tue Jan 28thLocal HistoryThree Poets, The Chosen Trio - An Enigma, The Nightwalker and The Distributionist - Tony Condor
February 2020
Mon Feb 24thMeeting"Folklore and more", Adrian James.
Tue Feb 25thLocal HistoryGloucestershire Suffragettes and Know Your Place - Sue Jones
March 2020
Mon Mar 23rdMeeting"Passports, Assassins, Traitors & Spies", Martin Lloyd.
Tue Mar 31stLocal HistoryPhil Moss - title to be advised
April 2020
Mon Apr 27thMeeting"Natures Poisoners", Lynda Warren.
Tue Apr 28thLocal Historytalk to be advised