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This page contains news from around the Network it also contains links to the latest edition of Network News see the link for January 2020 Network News on this page .

Among subject in this issue are : U3A Day, 400th Mayflower sailing anniversary, Regional Summer School and an appeal for Walk Leaders, details of events at the Maritime Museum, Goldsmiths College Industrial Archaeology Conference, talk at Crossness Engine Trust etc.


We send Network News to a nominated delegate in each of our U3As for onward circulation. We also keep in touch with occasional emails which are sent to U3A members directly. If you would like to be added to the email list follow the sign up link on this page.

For the latest edition of Network News follow the link January 2020 #

Feel free to forward Network News to other members of your U3A through your normal email systems

Back copies of Network News can be read on Links page