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Celebrating the Capital's Industrial Heritage

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of our conference on the 4th 0ctober. Especial thanks to our speakers and our colleagues in GLIAS, to the staff of the LMA , to the U3A volunteers who helped on the day and most of all to the 140 members of the audience who bought tickets which made it all possible and for their contribution to the day.

We would also like to thank the volunteers who hosted our post conference visit to the Kirkaldy Testing Museum

Please follow the link on this page to see a summary of the feedback forms that were completed by attendees. Overall they were very positive but there were a couple of pointers to changes we could make in future.

From the Chair

Celebrating The Capital's Industrial Heritage Friday 4th October 2019

This was a GLSE Network Study Day in partnership with LMA & GLIAS
Did you know that industrialisation in Britain really began in London not the north?
Did you know that industries were situated according to the predominant wind flow to divert smells away from the more affluent areas ?
Had you noticed the disappearance of railway signals?
Has your museums group ever visited Kirkcaldy Testing Works in Southwark- a fascinating museum just crying out for a Shared Learning Project ?
And were you there for the last London tram ride?

If you didn't attend the SEGL Network study day working in partnership with London Metropolitan Archives, Greater London Industrial Archaeological Society you missed not only a superb lunch but also these facts, an amazing slide show of the multiple uses of the old swimming pool at Earls Court, the gradual creep of Docklands, & the weird things that happened during the advancement of the railways.

Our own U3A subject advisor Marilyn Palmer gave the key note address;- “ The buildings are great but don't forget the people who worked in them”

There were lots of opportunities to network with other U3A members and to Browse the information tables.
Don't miss the next event.

Angela Brown


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