Greater London South East Network

Croydon U3A

This page is a brief introduction to Croydon U3A, which is part of the Greater London South East Network of U3As.

Croydon Sign 2 Croydon U3A is fairly large. It has more than sixty Interest Groups across a very wide range of subjects. If one of these Interest Groups is unable to take additional members, we try to create a new group in that subject. However it may be possible to join a Group in other U3As within the Network, subject to availability. Interest Groups meet either in hired venues or in members’ homes.
We also organise day trips, holidays and study days.

----- Croydon U3A produces a bi-monthly Information Bulletin and a quarterly magazine.

Please go to our main site via the link for more details.
Croydon Tram If you access us through the Internet be careful not to confuse us with Croydon U3A in Australia! Travelling to meetings would be difficult.