Greater London South East Network

Shared Learning Projects

Shared Learning Projects - SLPs are where members from different U3As work together on a particular research project. Typically the client organisation would be a charity and U3A volunteers will provide research effort which they would not otherwise been able to afford. Click on the pictures to see larger versions.
there are two Shared lLearning Projects that are currently recruiting, there is a brief description below and more information on the links on this page.

Advance Information

The network is organising a study afternoon in the Autumn to introduce members to the London Metropolitan Archive and to provide information on the Layers Of London website, which is based upon an archive of maps of London. Information will be on this Network website and in Network News as soon as the dates is confirmed.

Are you interested in engineering and mechanics?
We are in the first stages of arranging a Shared Learning Project on an engineering theme more details will be announced in the New Year in Network News

General Information

We know that many members find these SLPs both interesting and challenging and we as a Network will endeavour to increase the number in our area. We are always looking for further opportunities to organise Shared Learning Projects and would be interested to hear of any suggestions about potential projects.

National Shared Learning Project page on the Third Age Trust Website follow the link on this page. Please note you will need to log in as a member to access this page.

London Region SLP information follow the link on this page