Greater London South East Network


'You will find lists of events and meetings on the individual U3A websites. We will use this page to list U3A events that are open to members of any of our Network U3As.

During the pandemic we have had to restrict our activities although we have had a few successful Zoom meetings, the one on Risk Assessment was well received.
( You can download the PowerPoint by following the link on this page.)
Previously we have organised a large study day each year, we normally attract about 150 people to these events. We hope to restart these in due course. Meanwhile we are planning a lower key event for the spring 2022 so keep an eye out for the publicity.


We also list the details of our Delegate Committee Meetings. These take place every eight weeks and are attended by a representative of each of the U3As in the Network plus additional members as required. These are invariably on Wednesday mornings. Use the link to the Secretary on the contact page to find the venue of a specific meeting.

We are interested in hearing the views of members of our U3As so please don't hesitate to get in touch. If there is an activity, event or service which you think the Network could provide please tell your representative or contact the Chair from the contact page. We will then add it to the agenda of the next meeting.

Risk Assessment
We recently hosted an on-line forum for members of our Network U3As where we discussed Risk Assessments and the Covid 19 situation and how it was effecting our own U3A activities. We prepared a PowerPoint presentation explaining the Basics of Risk Assessment. Please follow the link on this page to view the Risk Assessment file.
We found that most Network U3As were coming to terms with the new restraints and were running increasingly larger numbers of Groups on line.

London Region of U3As

the Region provides a number of events which are open to all U3A members in the Network.
Some of these events will appear on this page however it is better to follow the link on this page to the Events page on their site.